Babyproofing…the next generation.


As parents, we know that at some point during our child’s development, we will probably have to start baby proofing our homes to prevent our curious little creatures from getting into our cupboards, drawers, closets and whatever else their teeny hands can reach. There are dangers from accidental poisoning, electrocution, falling objects and just making a huge mess in general.


Mr. Trouble!


When toddlers attack!!!

This past weekend, I decided that we needed more baby proofing done around our home. I was getting tired of cleaning up messes, closing doors, taking things away and tripping over stuff. When our daughter was little, she never got into anything, but now that our little boy is getting bigger, the curiosity is abundant and a hair tie around the bathroom cabinet isn’t cutting the mustard anymore. So I broke down and loaded up on baby locks.


Babyproofing gear!

So after installing the new “safety measures”, the Kidco toilet lock doesn’t work on our Toto toilet, and the retailer won’t return it (for hygienic reasons) because the package has been opened. The drawer locks won’t work either because the side that the latch is attached to is butted up against our stove, so this doesn’t allow for easy unlatching:( I’ve had to come up with a better solution in the mean time.

SPoon drawer

My current solution.

As you can see, this isn’t the best of solutions. Today the wee dude pulled all 3 drawers open, grabbed a couple of spice jars from the top one and decided that he’s bang them together. needless to say, one of the jars broke and miraculously, he avoided getting cut. I now have the garbage can situated in front of the bank of drawers. He also managed to break the sliding mirror door lock, open the door, pull out a package of lightbulbs and smash them on the floor. AWESOME, is the most appropriate sarcastic remark that I can come up with to describe how I feel about this new mayhem.

I am certain that the baby weight that I am currently trying to lose, will fall off in no time, with the constant chasing around and lack of eating because of the afore mentioned chasing around.

Next on my agenda…developing new babyproofing gizmos to keep my home toddler proof and safe from Captain Destroy Everything.

30 Minutes, just for me. {Series} Week 3

30 Minute Hit New West minster

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

I’m 3 weeks in now and feeling AWESOME!!

I managed to get 3 days in this week. Hubby’s been traveling again for work, so that’s all I could manage this week. Little Dude’s not a huge fan of Mommy kicking some butt while he hangs out by himself, so I haven’t been able to take advantage of the kiddie corral as of yet. I think on a non-preschool day, I’ll attempt it again with my almost 4yo as well, so she can keep the wee lad occupied and distracted.

The 3 days that I did manage were sweaty, butt-kicking sessions. Every time I went in, the trainers made sure that I was working my hardest and even pushing me harder, so that I was getting the best workout possible. Stacey, Beau and Alayna were super supportive and motivating this week and I look forward to meeting and being pushed the other awesome trainers at my future workouts.

Let me introduce you to the trainers at 30 Minute Hit New Westminster. There is Beau, Monika, Kalia, Danie, Danielle, Alayna, Brett, Stacey, Katherine, and Nik B. And be assured, all of them will do their best to ensure that you have the best workout possible:)

I also found out that you can “Hit Hop”. You can visit other locations of 30 Minute Hit if you’d like to. Say you’re traveling out of town or maybe you just wanted to check out one of the other local studios, all you have to do is sign the waiver at that particular location and you can go right ahead and kick “Bob’s” butt. This is AWESOME news if you are planning on being away from home, but still want to get your workout in!!



Don’t forget, for the month of October, 30 Minute Hit is raising funds to Kick the *&%! Out of Cancer, so if you’d like to make a donation, please click on the link and help them get to their goal of $130,000.

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer

Slow Cooking

‘Tis the season to bring out the slow cookers, (if you haven’t already been using them all summer to keep the heat down in your home).

Slow cooker

Slow Cooker

The kids are back at school, the parents are back at work, Fall sports have begun, number of hours in a day seem to be less. And chances are, you are now making dinner in a mad frenzy and probably not making super healthy choices when it comes time to feed the family.

Dinner time stress

Dinnertime stress!

Slow cooking is a great way to avoid dinnertime disasters and hitting up the nearest drive-thru. You toss everything into the slow cooker before you head out to work in the morning and by the time you get home, dinner is ready to go. Some recipes will require that you precook part of the ingredients prior to putting putting them in the pot, but if you give yourself a little extra time in the morning to do this step, or even the night before, you shouldn’t run into any trouble when you’re trying to get the family out the door in the morning.

Take time to enjoy dinner

Family dinner time.

There are loads of cookbooks and websites that you can check out to find recipes that suit your lifestyle and diet.

Here are a few websites to get you started:

Have fun, eat well and keep dinnertime stress-free:)

Preschool, a great place to make new friends!



We are now 3 weeks into preschool, and our little lady is loving it! No really, she can’t wait to go back and see her friends and play.

Every day she comes home to tell us that she loves her new friends and that she shared her snack with them.

Not only is she making new friends, but I’m making new friends too! Hanging with the Mommies after class in the playground, you can’t help but start chatting. It’s truly a wonderful thing when, not only the kids connect, but the Mommies do too.

Mommy park Chat

Mommy Friends

We’ve already been invited to a Halloween party and in turn our wee lass has invited her friends to her upcoming 4th Birthday party.

Sweetly enough, these little fellas are both calling her their “girlfriend”:)

Kids kissing

Loves Young Dream

30 Minutes, just for me. {Series} Week 2

30 Minute Hit

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

So here I am, just completed week 2 .

This week was a bad week for me:( Hubby was away for work and I was solo Mom for the beginning of the week. So, I didn’t make it in for a workout until Tuesday night. It was a great workout and I seriously got my sweat on! Bob was no match for me.



Then, two nights in a row of evening meetings, took away my workout nights. LAME!!

Come Friday night, my girlfriend and I head out of town for my very 1st EVER, weekend away from the kiddos! This was a much needed break for me as I have never ever had a night away from the kids since my daughter was born 4 years ago!

Needless to say, poor commitment by me this past week. But sometimes life throws a wrench in your best laid plans. I promise myself to do a better job this week and kick Bob’s butt more than once;)

Don’t forget, 30 Minute Hit is raising funds to Kick the *&%! Out Of Cancer, so please follow the link and make a donation in support of the BC Cancer Foundation.

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer

Kick the *&%! Out of Cancer

#UltimateMobileSpa {Giveaway}


Spa Party

Recently I invited a group of my gal pals over for an evening of pampering and some good-ol Mommy Time. I had Ultimate Mobile Spa come to my home and provide the lovely ladies with their choice of manicure, pedicure, ultimate pedicure or both a mani and a pedi.


Ultimate Mobile Spa

Ultimate Mobile Spa, is a mobile spa based out of Burnaby, that offers several different services right in the comfort of your own home. Their prices are very affordable and the quality of their service is impeccable. If you’re looking for a “Ladies Night In”, stagette, birthday, shower party or even a spa party for the little lady in your life, I highly recommend bringing in the fabulous ladies from Ultimate Mobile Spa. You and your guests won’t be disappointed.

Ultimate Mobile Spa has graciously provided us with a $25 Gift Card to be given away to 10 of our readers!!

The giveaway runs until Saturday, September 28th, so be sure to get your entry in and share it with your girlfriends.
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Bellies to Babies Celebration Fall 2013

It’s back again!

The Bellies to Babies Celebration will once again be held at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver on October 6th, 2013.

The Bellies to Babies Celebration is a one of a kind event, offering a unique opportunity for new and expectant parents and grandparents to explore and shop for trendy baby fashions, decor and so much more! Moms-to-be can participate in educational workshops. Rookie Dads can take part in our Daddy Diapering Contest. Varied support groups will also be on hand to answer questions for new and expectant parents.

They will also be accepting expired car seats to be recycled, sponsored by


Bring your expired car seats in for recycling.

AND…we’ve been selected to giveaway a $100.00 Gift Card to spend at the trade show!! Awesome, right?!

Win a $100.00 gift certificate to spend at the Bellies to Babies Celebration trade show on Sunday, October 6, 2013, at the Croatian Cultural Centre, Vancouver. To enter, check out the exhibitors on the Bellies to Babies Celebration website, then write a comment to this post naming the exhibiting company where you would spend the $100.00. Contest runs until October 1st, 2013.

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 To Attend: Register at or call 604-908-8835. Follow us on Facebook at for more ways to win.


Bellies to Babies Celebration

#MeadowsMaze at Hopcott Farm {Giveaway}


Meadows Maze

The other day we popped out to Pitt Meadows and spent some time at Meadows Maze at Hopcott Farm.

Along with the corn mazes, that you and the family get to navigate through, they have several other attractions and activities that the kids will love. Such as Pumpkin Bowling, Pig Races, the Lions Goat Bridge, Train Rides and Harvest Time, just to name a few.

image image

Meadows Maze runs from, September 3rd until October 14th, 2013.

Hours: Friday & Saturday – 11am to 10pm (last ticket sales are at 8pm) and Sundays – 11am to 6pm (last ticket sales are at 4pm), Holiday Monday’s they are open – 11am to 6pm

General Admission: $12 – 13yrs and older , $9 – 3 to 12yrs , FREE for 2yrs and under


Both Corn Mazes, Pig Races, Harvest Time, Petting Zoo, Bouncy Pony Rides, Meadows Mountain, Corny’s Hay Pile, Bee Observatory, Misting tent, Picnic Areas, Fire Pits, and Hay wagon Ride, Barrel Train and Maze Train.

You can even try out the Corn Cannon for $2 for 3 shots.

We have been graciously provided 4 tickets for admission to Meadows Maze!

Please enter via the Rafflecopter form.


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30 Minutes, just for me. {Series} Week 1

30 Minute Hit

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

So I’ve made it through my first week at 30 Minute Hit  and I’m still enjoying it!

I made it in 4 times over the past week and I’m feeling phenomenal! The first session that I went to was tough. Starting out with a new fitness routine, your body starts using muscles that you obviously haven’t been paying too much attention too before.

My arms, calves, and hamstrings were screaming the most, but settled into it after my second session. The more I went, the easier it became. I also had the privilege of meeting more of the trainers, who were just as fantastic and supportive as Stacey has been. My sister has even signed up for the FREE Trial Session.

Week 1 (front)

Week 1 (front)

Week 1 (side)

Week 1 (side)


Here’s me being brave and sharing my 1st images for my journey.

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer

Throughout the month of October, members are invited to participate, as 30 Minute Hit Kicks the *&%! Out of Cancer , honoring or remembering their mother, sister, aunt, cousin, grandmother, friend etc. With every jab, cross, front kick and uppercut, their members will help to uncover the cure for women’s cancer through the number of times they complete the 30 Minute Hit Circuit in the month of October.

I will be sporting pink throughout the month honoring my own friends and family who have suffered this terrible disease.

Mom’s Night In

Mom's Night Out

Mom’s Night Out

Every Mommy needs a night of once in awhile. Usually a group of ladies will go out for dinner and drinks and have to make a reservation at a busy, nosy restaurant where being able to have a conversation with everyone, can be a bit difficult.

Why not make your next “Mom’s Night Out”, be a “Girl’s Night In”?


Girls Night In

This past weekend, I had Ultimate Mobile Spa, come to my home and provide manicures and pedicures to group of well deserving ladies. We each brought a favourite appetizer to share with the group and a bottle of wine or whatever drink we chose. There was an abundance of delicious nibblies and no one left hungry.

The spa services were great and reasonably priced. My feet are very happy with the pedicure that I treated them to.

It was a very relaxing environment, the ambiance was great, we were all in the same room and were able to carry on conversations with each other as we noshed and topped up our drinks.

So, next time you’re planning a get together with the BFF’s, why not have it at home and make it a more relaxing event?  Tell hubby to stay upstairs with the kiddos and get them into bed, or maybe you have an Amenities Room in your building where you can be totally undisturbed:)


Eat, drink and be merry!