Mom’s Night In

Mom's Night Out

Mom’s Night Out

Every Mommy needs a night of once in awhile. Usually a group of ladies will go out for dinner and drinks and have to make a reservation at a busy, nosy restaurant where being able to have a conversation with everyone, can be a bit difficult.

Why not make your next “Mom’s Night Out”, be a “Girl’s Night In”?


Girls Night In

This past weekend, I had Ultimate Mobile Spa, come to my home and provide manicures and pedicures to group of well deserving ladies. We each brought a favourite appetizer to share with the group and a bottle of wine or whatever drink we chose. There was an abundance of delicious nibblies and no one left hungry.

The spa services were great and reasonably priced. My feet are very happy with the pedicure that I treated them to.

It was a very relaxing environment, the ambiance was great, we were all in the same room and were able to carry on conversations with each other as we noshed and topped up our drinks.

So, next time you’re planning a get together with the BFF’s, why not have it at home and make it a more relaxing event?  Tell hubby to stay upstairs with the kiddos and get them into bed, or maybe you have an Amenities Room in your building where you can be totally undisturbed:)


Eat, drink and be merry!

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