Babyproofing…the next generation.


As parents, we know that at some point during our child’s development, we will probably have to start baby proofing our homes to prevent our curious little creatures from getting into our cupboards, drawers, closets and whatever else their teeny hands can reach. There are dangers from accidental poisoning, electrocution, falling objects and just making a huge mess in general.


Mr. Trouble!


When toddlers attack!!!

This past weekend, I decided that we needed more baby proofing done around our home. I was getting tired of cleaning up messes, closing doors, taking things away and tripping over stuff. When our daughter was little, she never got into anything, but now that our little boy is getting bigger, the curiosity is abundant and a hair tie around the bathroom cabinet isn’t cutting the mustard anymore. So I broke down and loaded up on baby locks.


Babyproofing gear!

So after installing the new “safety measures”, the Kidco toilet lock doesn’t work on our Toto toilet, and the retailer won’t return it (for hygienic reasons) because the package has been opened. The drawer locks won’t work either because the side that the latch is attached to is butted up against our stove, so this doesn’t allow for easy unlatching:( I’ve had to come up with a better solution in the mean time.

SPoon drawer

My current solution.

As you can see, this isn’t the best of solutions. Today the wee dude pulled all 3 drawers open, grabbed a couple of spice jars from the top one and decided that he’s bang them together. needless to say, one of the jars broke and miraculously, he avoided getting cut. I now have the garbage can situated in front of the bank of drawers. He also managed to break the sliding mirror door lock, open the door, pull out a package of lightbulbs and smash them on the floor. AWESOME, is the most appropriate sarcastic remark that I can come up with to describe how I feel about this new mayhem.

I am certain that the baby weight that I am currently trying to lose, will fall off in no time, with the constant chasing around and lack of eating because of the afore mentioned chasing around.

Next on my agenda…developing new babyproofing gizmos to keep my home toddler proof and safe from Captain Destroy Everything.

4 thoughts on “Babyproofing…the next generation.

  1. I would like an update if you do find something for your drawers because I have the same type of drawers against my stove too and our counter overhangs too far to use the traditional latch.


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