Baby proofing…Round 2!

On my quest to make my home toddler-proof, I did a little more investigating into more babyproofing solutions and I came across these bad boys.

Straps in package

The “new” straps.

The dreambaby Multi-Purpose Latch. The two white discs stick to the side of the cabinet and drawer front, and the strap attaches to the discs “button-style”. I found these at Walmart, and they didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Easy to install, and even though there is minimal clearance between the bank of drawers and the stove, they seem to be the answer I’ve been looking for.

Open drawer

Open drawer.

Closed drawers

Closed drawers.

So now that they’ve been installed, we’ll see how “Mr.Get-Into-EVERYTHING” does tomorrow. Hopefully my spices in Drawer #1 are safe and the ravioli maker in Drawer #4 doesn’t end up in the Play Doh set.

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