The “L” word!

Today  at preschool, I saw what every parent dreads…the notice.

The dreaded notice!

The dreaded notice!

Head lice has been found in some children attending the care facility. GHAH!! GROSS, GROSS, GROSS!

But…what can you do? It happens. I had lice when I was a kid…a few times:( It was embarrassing, but my Mom reminded me that lice like clean hair, so I was an easy target, especially with my very long hair.

My Mom used that nasty, smelly shampoo on me and my sister and we had to wash all our our bedding and clothes in hot water. It worked and we survived.

The Lice Poison

The Lice Poison

Now it’s my turn, as a parent, to have to relive every parents nightmare. Thankfully it’s not such a big deal as it was when I was a kid. We’ve come a long way with treatment and prevention. And now it can be done naturally.

Ladybugs NAtural Lice Shampoo

If you find yourself being plagued by this common pest, check out Lice911.



Their website is full of information that you should find helpful in the event of “Licemageddon”.

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