Kids toys…almost like Fort Knox!

Have you ever been frustrated when it comes to opening up a new toy that your little one has received as a gift?

Excessive Toy Packaging

Excessive Toy Packaging

Our daughter just celebrated her birthday, and she received several new toys. My husband and I had the pleasure of freeing said toys from the safety of their plastic and cardboard homes.

Toys should come with a label like the furniture that you have to assemble yourself. “Tools required : knife or scissors, tweezers, nail file, bandages.” I think toys would survive like cockroaches if something happened to our world. There is so much waste from these items, that it sickens me to throw out the packaging. I try to do my best at recycling the separate components into the correct recycling bins.

Tools required.

Tools required.

So why do they use so much packaging?

Theft. It keeps people from stealing the product or parts of it.

Shipping. It protects the item(s) from getting wrecked during shipping.

Display purposes. Doesn’t Barbie’s dress and hair look nicer when it’s splayed out?

I get it, but it’s still annoying to get them out and when you have a 3 year old waiting “patiently” to play with their new toy, you can’t seem to open it fast enough.

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