Does candy make kids crazy?

We still have a massive haul of candy left over from Halloween.

Too much candy!

Too much candy!

I’ve been letting her have a couple of treats each day, but I sincerely believe that it’s turning her into a monster.

I decided to cut her off for a few days and I noticed quite an attitude change from spazzola to average 4 year old (if there really is a difference).

Hubby and I have guiltily been pecking away at the pile in hopes that our daughter won’t notice the dwindling mound. I don’t want her eating that much candy. A treat once in awhile is OK, but at that rate, we’ll still be eating this junk until her 16th Birthday.

Honestly..we're just trying to help!

Honestly..we’re just trying to help!

And I don’t think that this plan will work either. Mom and Dad’s waistline’s are starting to grow and I have noticed a few more pimples.

I decided the other day that we MUST THROW AWAY THE CANDY! Sad and wasteful yes, but our bodies will than us for it later. Not to mention, we won’t be buying the dentist a new car anytime soon.

Yes, you do need several crowns and veneers!

Yes, you do need several crowns and veneers!

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