The flu doth cometh.

The flu hit our home this past weekend.

It started with me, then the wee lad, and then Princess G.
Today it hit Daddy.
It was a nasty 2 day bug that knocked us flat, causing us to miss two family birthday parties.
The silverlining is, hopefully since we all got it at the same time, we won’t get it again, dragging it out for longer than necessary.
My hands are so dry from all of the hand washing done, but nothing a little lot of hand cream can’t handle.
Downside, Daddy has a VERY busy work week and can’t afford to take a couple days off to recover.
I think next year, we’ll splurge and get the flu shot.

Have you been hit by the “winter plague”? What are your tried and true remedies for aiding in the recovery of your family?


One thought on “The flu doth cometh.

  1. I hear you. I have been sick for a couple weeks…then a few days ago I started feeling better…yesterday was great…this morning i awoke to a stuffy head…sigh. Joys of having kids. 🙂 My remedy? Sleep. Lots of it. I just don’t have that luxury right now! Get better!


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