#WestJet…brings the merry to Merry Christmas!

I am not a regular flyer, however my husband is for work.

I dislike flying. Well, I actually hate the take off and the landing. Both of which are uber important when it comes to flying.

Afraid to fly!

Afraid to fly!

The hair on my arms stand at full attention when the engines are on full “scream” as they lift the hulking beast to elevation. And then the dropping sensation you feel as you come in for a landing, has me gripping the arm rests or squeezing the life out of my husband’s arm.

That being said, I just watched the video from #WestJet that is going viral.

West Jet

West Jet

It’s comforting to know that this is one airline who goes above and beyond for their customers. Flying is a stressful task for MANY travellers and when you surprise your customers with this form of generosity, it really makes you think about how this company is trying to make flying more enjoyable.

I certainly would have been over the moon if this had happened to me during one of my rare flying experiences.

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