Oh the agony! #YMCCommunity


Photo credit: What To Expect

The other day, on our walk home from school, our 4 yo daughter decided to grab onto a telephone pole. She promptly received get very first sliver.

I’m glad I was there for this “first”.
Our decision for me to be a stay-at-home-mom was so that I’d be there to experience our children’s “firsts”.
Unfortunately, the wee sliver was a bit too deep for me to squeeze out, so she had to “suffer” until we got home.
There was a good 15 minutes of whining and fake tears and “It hurts so bad!”, but I couldn’t do anything for her until we hit home. I managed to change the subject and draw her attention away from this horrendous injury so that we could hit the grocery store and make it through the epic walk home. We even burned away a few more hours until bath time when she finally remembered about the sliver.
Once her skin had softened from the warm water, I took a pin and tweezers and attempted to retrieve the splinter.
Well, my goodness, I might as well have been removing her entire finger!
She pulled and squirmed and had tears streaming from her eyes.
A tight squeeze, and the minuscule piece slipped out from it’s burrow.
Tears ceased, and smiles and giggles ensued and it was forgotten.
A strategically placed Monster High bandage, and all is right with the world.
Lesson learned by Mommy? Keep a first aid kit in my bag.
Kids will ALWAYS have accidents, so it’s a great idea to keep antibiotic spray, bandages and tweezers on hand for just such an emergency.
In my online research for purse or diaper bag-friendly first aid kits, I came across Medi Buddy. These little first aid kits are the perfect size for your purse or diaper bag.
Click here to find a retailer near you.


Medi Buddy Collection

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