Make cleaning your home just a bit more ENJOyable. {Review & Giveaway} #ENJO #YMCCommunity

Cleaning the home is always a lame, time consuming task.

To Hell with Housework

I’d rather be spending time with my kids or getting out and about the town. But occasionally frequently in Vancouver, we have, what I call Mother Nature’s appointment to get you to clean your home. Obviously I’m referring to a rainy day.

I take advantage of these days as I do nap time. An opportunity to catch up on my housecleaning.

The kitchen gets greasy from all the cooking that I’ve been up to lately and the bathroom…well we all have bathrooms, so you know exactly what kind of grossness builds up in there.

I personally, have been looking for ways to eliminate toxic cleaners from our home, but also don’t want to spend hours scrubbing away at things until I wear right through them.

I’ve recently acquired some ENJO cleaning products to test-drive and share with you my findings.

ENJO is an Austrian produced product using microscopic fibres that get “pore deep” into the surfaces around your home, attracting and holding the dirt that causes bacteria effectively and efficiently like a magnet, without the use of toxic chemicals, only water. This two-step process, gets the grime out from deep down and dries the surface with a super absorbent cloth.
Each room in your home has a different surface and different kind of dirt. ENJO has developed specific fibres to combat the various cleaning jobs from light to, “Honey, we need to move!”

My first battle was the bathtub and shower.

Scrubbing the tub
I don’t recall the last time I cleaned the wall tile in the shower, so there was a good build up of soap scum on there and the tub always acquires the customary scunge around it. I used the ENJO Bathroom Glove to tackle this beast and was pleasantly surprised by the limited amount of elbow grease required to get them clean. The fibres in the glove, grabbed on to the wickedness that glommed on to the surface of the tile and tub and left them smooth and shiny.

Score 1 for ENJO.

Next round, I attacked the kitchen.

The sticky, greasy cabinets, hood fan and element drip pans were no match for the ENJO Kitchen Glove. A couple of wipes, and the baddies were trapped in the glove.

Score 2 for ENJO.

The other day, I switched the rotation on the ceiling fan, and was showered with dust bunnies.

Dusty ceiling fan
I pulled out the ENJO Dust Glove and gave the fan blades a good once over. Holy Dinah, the fibres in the glove not only grabbed to surface dust, but dug down into the wood grains and pulled out the dirt too! I gad to try it on the window blinds they I hadn’t cleaned since last Spring. Good grief Charlie Brown! It did an AMAZING job getting the grime out of those bad boys too!

And it’s a Hat Trick for ENJO!

At bedtime, instead of using eye make-up remover, I used the ENJO Eye Pad. With just a bit of water, I was able to remove all my eye make-up in a single wipe without ending up looking like I’d been watched a sappy Rom Com marathon.

Pleased? Ummm…yes, absolutely!

ENJO‘s cleaning gloves definitely sped up cleaning time for me, allowing me more time to spend with the kidlets, cooking and baking and let’s face in, not cleaning.

ENJO Consultant, Kate Bailey has generously provided an ENJO sample pack (a Kitchen, a Bathroom, a Dust, a Body & an Outdoor Pad, $50 value) to giveaway to one lucky Raincity Parent reader! Giveaway runs from March 10th, 2014 – March 16th, 2014. Please enter via the Rafflecopter link below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, with a minimum $49 purchase of ENJO products purchased through Kate, she’ll throw in a FREE set of Eye Pads ($16 value)! To get your own ENJO cleaning system, contact Kate Bailey at


Taking the kids swimming solo should be considered an Olympic sport! #YMCCommunity

Our 4 year old daughter is currently enrolled in her second round of swim lessons where she is doing it all on her own. I mean, sans Mom & Dad.

Swim lessons

I decided that it would be a good idea to have her do them on the mornings that she’s not in preschool because she’s at the age where she needs to be doing something active, daily or she turns into a pre-pubescent teenager with her dramatic outbursts and irrational behaviour.

While she’s in her class, our 18 month old son and I paddle around the pool and splash away, burning off some of his surplus energy in hopes of an epic afternoon nap for him. This usually works out very well and our daughter and I get to spend a few hours in the afternoon doing stuff together like colouring, her homework from preschool, cooking or baking. She loves this, because now she gets me all to herself and I’m relieved of the refereeing duty of keeping our spawn from tearing each other’s heads off or destroying more of the house.

So after swim class, neither kid is ready to get out of the pool. And of course they want to go off in different directions. With the “Arms reach under 7” Rule, this makes Mommy swimming solo with the mites a challenging venture. We grab a floaty pad, not a floating maxi pad, but a foam “sheet” that both kids fit on, that doesn’t sink under their combined weight, and head over to the “river” and quickly float on down. Then a quick detour through the waterfalls and bubbles before heading back to the shallow end where Little Dude does a belly flop into the water. A couple minutes in the wading bubble pool and Mr. Man decides he’d like to go for a walk run around the pool deck, prompting a hasty retreat from the pool area into the change room. Not before said micro man throws an epic spazz and protests being strapped into the stroller that we’ve parked along poolside.

Fighting the stroller
Screaming all the way to the change room, one imitating a 2×4 in the stroller and the other stomping and pouting, we manage to find an available shower cubicle. I park the stroller inside and tell our 4 year old to stand guard as I grab our things from the locker right across the way.

As my back is turned, Little Miss Awesome, closes the door and locks it. I load up my arms with all our stuff, turn around and smack right into the door, dropping everything onto the soaking wet floor that has little bits of grossness swimming about. Through my teeth, I growl for her to open the door and by using that tone, she knows that if it’s not opened immediately, the afternoon is going to turn out very badly for her.

Once inside, swimsuits are stripped off, shampoo is applied and I allow the princess to do the rinsing of her and her brother as I quickly get dressed. Bad decision, ’cause immediately, water is being sprayed everywhere getting all our stuff wet yet again. Hilarity ensues and the kids are having a ball. I manage to get everyone dressed and the wee lad returns to his backwards arch as I try to get him back in the stroller. Jeez Louise! I pick him up, throw the pool bag into the stroller, turf the swim diaper in the bin and head to the van. Our daughter is being more helpful now, but insists that SHE open all the doors en route and throws a hissy fit when a gentleman holds the door open for us because she wanted to do it.

I just keep walking. At this point, I’m beyond nuclear meltdown and just have to get everyone into the van before I lose my cool.
We arrive at the van, I let the diva unlock the doors, but Grumplesaurus Rex will not sit in his seat!

I hate my car seat

Photo credit : Illustrated with Crappy Pictures™

Patience, don’t fail me now!

I wait for him to break his concentration and when he finally does, I get the buckles clicked. Touchdown!

The 10 minute drive home was filled with an awesome aria of screaming from the boy and the yelling from our daughter to “Be quiet!”

I couldn’t get home fast enough, but safely drove the posted speed limit, of course.

Have you attempted to take the little ones swimming on your own? What are your tricks to make it a fun and stress-free adventure?

Could your subconscious be altered to help your lifestyle? #NoahsArkHypnotherapy #YMCCommunity

Since having our two littles, my memory has been shot.

I used to have the memory like a steel trap! I could recall anything and even things for my family, friends, and work collegues. Now, as soon as I think of something and get up to do it, I’ve already forgotten what it was.

Frustrating, as many a Mom can relate to.

Recently I tried a hypnotherapy session with Noah’s Ark Hypnotherapy, hoping that this would help with my “Mommy Brain”.

What is hypnosis, you ask? It is a natural, relaxed state of mind. Daydreaming is considered a light form of hypnosis. Kind of like when you’re taking part in a seminar that doesn’t interest you or you get nabbed by that super gabby person at the play date or water cooler and you just seem to drift off into outer space. Yeah, that!

Hypnotherapy can help with issues like addictions, anxiety, depression, fertility, grief, sleep issues, weight loss and more. It usually takes about 6 sessions to start seeing results. Check with you health plan to see if this is a claimable expense.

During my session, I experienced a deep sense of relaxation. I could still hear what was going on around me, but the distant sounds became muffled and less distracting.

My mind has a tendency to start thinking of a million things at the same time, so as I was trying to relax, I was thinking of how our daughter was doing at my girlfriend’s house while she watched her for me, if our 18 month old son was behaving for my husband, what I was going to make for dinner and how I was going to write a blog post about this experience.

See I didn’t lie, my mind has a way of taking over and running amok!

Relaxed state

Once I gave my brain a mental slap for veering away from what it should be concentrating on, I was able to relax.

Since my session, I have been remembering things a bit better, but I think a few more sessions would improve my results. Now that I know what’s involved in a session, I’d probably be able to seriously relax and potentially fall asleep, being the sleep-deprived Mommy that I am, but the chances of me waking up without protest at the end of my session would have been slim to none.

Noah's Ark Hypnotherapy

Lighting that “#InnerFire” #YMCCommunity

For the past 30 days, I’ve been challenging myself to workout daily.

I’ve been doing 2 challenges, one was a 24 Day Challenge, the other was a 30 Day Challenge and I’ve been doing the 7 Minute Workout, sometimes twice, daily.

Ab Challenge Guns Buns & Abs

I got myself a “check-in buddy” to keep me on track and we have been checking-in via Facebook everyday. She’s in the UK, so there is a slight  significant time difference, but we’ve been keeping each other motivated.

I must say that my legs have never felt or looked this great!

Our daughter’s swim lessons began a few weeks ago and I was dreading wearing a swimsuit. I’ve always been self-conscious about my thighs, even in high school when we had swim days for PE, I would wear shorts. Now, two kids down, and a pile of workout days behind me, I’m not so shy anymore. I even made sure to go for a wax and eliminate the “warm woolies” before displaying my half naked glory.

If you’re planning on starting a fitness challenge or just a daily workout routine, make sure you wear comfortable clothing that moves with your body, but isn’t restricting. I usually wear my yoga gear, as it’s breathable, moveable and, let’s face it, it’s my regular form of attire. I like to call it “The Mommy Uniform”.

Inner Fire is a small Vancouver-based company that creates yoga apparel and lifestyle products for the urban yogi. But the clothing is not limited to just yoga. I love the inspirational words printed on the tops! Puts a little smile on my face when I read them.


Inner Fire logo

It’s my 20 year high school reunion this year, so I fully intend on looking better than I did back in my high school days.