Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep! {Giveaway} #KidFitPillow #YMCCommunity

I remember when I was a kid, my first pillow was the “dead pillow”.

This pillow was one of my Mum’s old pillows. When she upgraded her own, I got the hand-me-down.

It was flatter than a pancake and really couldn’t be classified as a pillow. I don’t know if they had the regulations for pillows for kids like we do nowadays, but chances are, since I don’t even recall using a car seat or a seat belt back then, the guidelines for kids and pillows was probably pretty grey.

When my husband and I felt that our daughter was ready for her own pillow, I decided to carry on with tradition. I gave her my “dead pillow”.

I’ve never seen a kid-sized pillow anywhere…until now.


The KidFit Pillow was designed to fit and properly support a child’s head and neck as they grow.

Girl sleeping


The KidFit Pillow is built around a top-quality, perforated memory foam with holes that allow for airflow and better temperature regulation. This is great for us as both our kids are mini furnaces and ALWAYS sweat at night, even in the dead of Winter.

The cover of the memory foam is removable and washable and the cover for the pillow itself, is ultra-plush, hypo-allergenic, and machine washable.

Our daughter has been using her KIDFIT Pillow for the past week and she’s had a much better sleep. She’s not waking as often and when asked in the morning, she says that she feels well-rested.

The KidFit Pillow comes in 3 Stages:

Stage 1: for kids 2-4yrs old

Stage 2: for kids 5-7yrs old

Stage 3: for kids 8-11yrs old

Your kids sit in car seats made for them, so why would you let your kids not sleep on a pillow just for kids?

KidFit Pillow has generously provided Raincity Parent with a KidFit Pillow to giveaway to one lucky reader! This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US only and runs from May 14th-21st, 2014. Please enter via the Rafflecopter link below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The KidFit Pillow is a recent PTPA Winner.

PTPA Winner



38 thoughts on “Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep! {Giveaway} #KidFitPillow #YMCCommunity

  1. What great products! If I won I would love the Stage 1: for kids 2-4yrs old. Not only does it have a breathable, performance-type fabric that covers the memory foam to protect the integrity of the foam. But It is also is removable and machine washable!


  2. Would love a stage 1 for my little bug! He’s about to get a younger sibling and this would be great for his new big boy bed 🙂


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