Bring the jungle gym right to your front door! #VancouverTumblebus #YMCCommunity

When planning a party for the kiddos, a few thoughts come to mind…

Do I have the space to accommodate the the kids, what can we do to keep them entertained, and what’s not going to break the bank?


Young kids, generally have a lot of energy to burn, so having physical activities is a great way for them to burn off their excess enthusiasm and the sugar coursing through their bodies from the candies and cake that they’ve just consumed.

In the Summer months, you can take advantage of the great weather, and hit up one of the local parks where the weelets can run around like maniacs, climb, slide and swing their little hearts out, and frolic about in the spray park.


When the weather is less that co-operative, or you’d like to have the party at your home, but don’t have the space or the equipment, there is a solution!

The Vancouver Tumblebus! Perfect for kids ages 2-9yo.


A TUMBLEBUS® is a gym on wheels filled with fun equipment—bars, beam, vault, mountain, trampoline, rings, zipline, monkey bars and much more—thereby bringing the best possible physical education class to children at daycares, elementary schools, private schools, special events, birthday parties and everywhere else!


To book a party with Vancouver Tumblebus, you can reach Trish Mandewo at 604-726-0856, or on their Facebook Page.

Mention Raincity Parent when you’re booking a Silver Party, and you’ll receive $10 OFF and a t-shirt for the Birthday kiddo!

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