Reunion…20 years in the making. #YMCCommunity

Press play.

20year reunion 20 years ago, I finally broke free from the prison that was high school.

Those five years of secondary education were probably the most uncomfortable years of my life. I’m sure I wasn’t alone.

I spent a good chunk of those years trying to fly below the radar only to surface on occasion where I was the target of ridicule from a few of my peers. Most of us veered off into cliques where we made new friends and turned on our old ones. Unfortunate, but that’s how the teenage mind works and it’s a form of survival to make it through until the end of high school.


I was fortunate enough to get out of Dodge early. I had enough credits to graduate early, so there was no reason for me to hang around any longer. But because I did, I missed out on all of the graduation events that occurred from then until the end of the school year. It wasn’t likely that I would partake in any of the festivities, but to be completely unaware of what events were happening, goes to show how little I was missed.

Fast forward 10 years. Not much had changed for me. I was in a newish relationship, but not married, no kids and no career to brag about. I was aware of a 10 year reunion being put on, but when I saw the RSVP list, I decided against going. In my eyes, 10 years wasn’t long enough for people to either have an established career, get married, have kids or better yet “grow up”.

No one revealed their secret crush on me from high school.

No one revealed their secret crush on me from high school.

Between those last 10 years up until now, I have come to terms with the memories that haunted me. I forgave those who treated me poorly. I now know why they did and said what they did and hope that the things that made them feel the need to be cruel to others back then, have gone away or improved and made them stronger people on the inside.

Facebook has allowed me to connect with people that I would have never considered a friend back then. I have seen snippits of their lives and allowed them to see mine. Maybe creating a better understanding of how each other gets along in this world. I have even connected with people who I knew from my first elementary school (which I only attended for 2 years), but was reacquainted with when our schools merged in grade 11. They had no idea who I was, but I remembered them.

Browns Socialhouse

Browns Socialhouse

Browns Socialhouse in Lynn Valley was the venue for our event, where we were treated to an array of delicious nibblies that would make your mouth water. The atmosphere was great and I would definitely come back for lunch, dinner or just drinks and appies with some friends. The extra bonus is, I went to school with the owners, so supporting some old school mates is definitely on my “Pay It Forward” list. Browns Socialhouse has 29 locations in Canada and Scotty Browns can be found in 3 locations in Washington State.


Seeing the faces at our 20 year reunion, was a flashback indeed. Some people were a little unrecognizable, some looked the same, but everyone looked older. Some of the guys acted like their younger selves when they got together, old flames chatted about the past, former school chums reconnected and had a laugh, but more importantly, those of us who were intimidated by our past, were able to actually converse with people they would never have dreamed of talking to.


Throughout the night, we ate, drank and were merry. I arranged for imageCube Photobooth and Videobooth to set up a photobooth so that we could capture some great memories of the night. This was such an awesome idea! They brought along props for us to wear and we had so much fun taking pictures! I highly suggest that for your next event you hire imageCube Photbooth and Videobooth. You and your guests will have so much fun and it saves you from having to spend the night as the event photographer.

Clowning around with a few friends...and maybe an old boyfriend ;)

Clowning around with a few friends…and maybe an old boyfriend 😉

I also worked my way around snapping shots of the alumni, so that we could share the evening with the grads that were unable to attend. I’m hoping for another reunion in 5-10 years, so that those that couldn’t attend or were unaware of the reunion, can come out and reconnect and relive the old days.

A roaming photographer to capture more candid pics of the alumni and a group shot for prosperity, are definitely on my list of “Must Haves” for the next one. And just to bring us back in time, we need to have the top tunes from 1994 playing in the background.

Me and my dearest, oldest friend.

Me and my dearest, oldest friend.

Have you attended or will you attend your high school reunion?

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