Ear piercing: When to do it and where to go? #YMCCommunity

I had my ears pierced when I was 9…I think.

Piercing kids ears

I don’t actually recall when I had them done, but I remember riding my bike to the mall with my girlfriend and popping into the hair salon by the food court.

Almost 30 years ago (I’m seriously dating myself here), hair salons were the place to take your kids to have their ears pierced. Most of the kids having this done were school aged too. I don’t recall any little kids or babies with their ears pierced when I was a kid, but it may just have been the community that I lived in.

Nowadays, parents take their little one’s in to have their ears pierced when they are babies. Maybe it’s done while they’re still too little to muck about with their ears after they’ve been done. Maybe it’s done at this age so that there is no memory of the procedure. I must say, it looks pretty cute seeing a little one with their ears pierced, but it’s totally your choice to have it done when you choose to or when your child asks to have it done.

The familiar way to pierce ears is to use the “guns”. If you call ahead, the technicians will have a second person assist in the piercing so both ears can be done simultaneously, this way it can be less traumatic for the piercee.

Piercing ears with a gunHair salons and accessories stores like Claire’s are probably the most appealing places to take the kiddos because of their locations, decor and ambiance, but you could also take them to tattoo and piercing parlours. It’s all dependent on your comfort level.

Piercing ears with a needleThe cost of piercing has changed over the years. It used to be that you bought the earrings, which were usually around the $20 mark, and the piercing was FREE. Now, I’ve heard that it can cost close to $100 to have it done.

My husband and I decided that we’d wait until our daughter asked to have her ears pierced.

She has been asking.

I’d like to take her in for her birthday this year. She’ll be five. But Daddy needs to agree or we will be waiting until she’s a bit older. It’s always 2 “Yes”‘s or it’s a “No” when it comes to decision making in our family. If we do have them done, I know that these Monster High earrings will be on her wish list.

Monster High Earrings

Have you had your child’s ears pierced yet? How old were they and where did you take them? How much did you pay?

3 thoughts on “Ear piercing: When to do it and where to go? #YMCCommunity

  1. My daughter got her ears pierced January 1st of this year, at age 5 1/2. I waited until she understood it would hurt and Heywood need care for a minimum of six weeks. We went to Wal-Mart because this was the only place in our area other than combination tattooing/piercing parlors that pierce ears. It cost $36 dollars, including 14k gold earrings.


  2. As soon as we knew we were having a daughter, my husband wanted to get her ears pierced. I didn’t care when it was done so we went for it. We got them pierced when she was under six months because we were told then she’d just accept it as part of her body and not pull at them. We got it done at Claire’s. I don’t remember how much it was but I remember it was way more expensive than I had imagined. Wish I knew about Wal-Mart’s deal!


  3. I had Katrina’s ears pierced when she was about 5 months old. We had it done so she wouldn’t play with her earrings causing them to get infected. Or pull them out. I don’t remember the cost but we also went to Claires.


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