A little peace of mind for that “just in case” moment. #SafetyTat

Our daughter was a dream when she was a toddler.


Although she was very active, she always stayed near Mum and Dad when we were out and about. Even when we were at a busy place, like the playground or spray park  during the Summer, the grocery store on a weekend when everyone else in the neighbourhood was out shopping too, or a local attraction where there was lots of distractions, noise and what appeared to be a forest of legs in eyes of a person under three feet.

Photo credit : Pop Sugar

Photo credit : Pop Sugar

Now that we have two kids, our daughter is almost five and the little Dude is nearing the two year mark, whenever we head out on an adventure, I am more uneasy when it comes to keeping eyes on two mites, especially when they take off at Mach speed in two different directions. Our daughter still stays close and makes eye contact every so often so she knows where we are, but when you have to chase Captain “Watch How Fast I Can Run Away a From You”, you can quickly lose track of the other kid.


My fear isn’t that she will run off, it’s that a stranger could grab her and disappear.


With Safety Tat, my fears are more at ease during that “just in case” moment.

Apply Safety Tat to a clean, hair-free area of your child’s arm, where they’re not likely to remove it, write down your mobile phone number on the Tat using the enclosed marker and let your littles go play.

Watch the video on how to apply and remove Safety Tat here.


Safety Tat has a variety of products available, such as Allergy/ Medical Alert tattoos, pre-printed Anywhere Labels to label your kid’s things, Write-On Tats, multi packs, travel packs, Tat Kisses, Birthday packs and Tats for Seniors. Click here to shop online.

So, the next time you’re heading out with the kiddos and you are concerned that they could potentially get separated from you or their caregiver, be sure to apply a Safety Tat, just in case they do.

13 thoughts on “A little peace of mind for that “just in case” moment. #SafetyTat

  1. I have 4 kids ranging in age from 2 to 9. This would be awesome for when we go to anywhere there’s going to be a big crowd! We like going to family friendly events where there’s lots of interactive displays and it’s always tough to keep an eye on the 3 munchkins who are walking around. The one munchkin is still in a stroller.


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