Take the kids out and have a ball watching the Boys of Summer! #YVRBloggers

Memories of Summer when I was a kid include riding my bike EVERYWHERE, freezies, running through the sprinkler, camping out in the back yard and playing baseball.


Baseball was was a big deal in my house when I was a kid. My Mum always watched the games on TV, I played in Little League and once, my Mum even scored us some tickets to go see the Vancouver Canadians play at Nat Bailey Stadium. It was a great day, sitting in the sun, cheers from the crowd and spending time together as a family!


Last week I joined the YVR Bloggers at a Canadians game.

Notice the handhelds in use.

Notice the handhelds in use.

The weather was beautiful and warm, the game was exciting and the crowd was awesome at cheering the boys on.

Throughout the game, we were treated to some extra entertainment:

The Sushi Races, featuring Ms. BC Roll, Mr. Kappa Maki and Chef Wasabi. These loveable mascots race around the baseball diamond trying to out run each other to the finish line.


The grounds keepers danced a little jig to “Cottoned-eyed Joe” as they tidied up the diamond after the 5th Inning. These fellas do this every game! Check out some of the footage on YouTube.

We participated in a few rounds of “The Wave” and the team mascot, Bob Brown Bear, led us in the “Chicken Dance”.

Bob Brown Bear

Bob Brown Bear

In the end, the Canadians beat the Eugene Emeralds 11-7, topping off a great night out with a fabulous group of fun people. I look forward to many more outings with this gang.

Next time you’re looking for a fun night out, be sure to check out the Vancouver Canadians game schedule, pack up the family, head on down to Nat Bailey Stadium and take in a game.

You can chow down on some Nathan’s Famous hot dogs, have a refreshing cold one, and expect an awesome night out with the family. It’s also perfect for a Date Night or getting together with a group of mates.


Tickets start at $12.50, so this definitely makes for an affordable sporting event to take in.


2 thoughts on “Take the kids out and have a ball watching the Boys of Summer! #YVRBloggers

  1. Fun! I remember going to Vancouver Canadians games as a kid with my dad.
    We live pretty close to Buffalo and have been to a Buffalo Bisons game and are hoping to go to more this summer. It’s a lot cheaper for us to go as a family than to go to a TO Blue Jays game.


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