Birthday Celebrations…in the style of Kindergarten. #YMCCommunity

Last week our daughter turned five! Whoa…five already!


It was a school day as normal. We got up, fought over breakfast, dawdled getting dressed and, like every other day, she didn’t want to go to school.

It’s not that she doesn’t like it there, she just doesn’t want ME to be lonely. Once she’s dropped off, everything is fine and her two year old brother does a fantastic job of taking care of me throughout the day until I am reunited with my precious.

When I picked her up from school, she was bouncier than usual, so I assume her day went well.

The best thing…for me, was the fact that her pants were dry when I collected her. She’s been having some issues at the end if the day where she either forgets to “go” before getting geared up to go home OR, the washroom is being cleaned at the exact moment that she requires it. Anyhoo, she was dry and that was fantastic!

Birthday Book

When we got home, she showed me a Birthday Book that her classmates made for her. It was really sweet. Each kiddo drew a picture ( they all drew the exact same thing, just in their own style) and wrote her a Happy Birthday message on the back of it. There was one questionable picture though…not sure if he’s holding a sword at her or a REALLY big middle finger.


I think this was a turning point for her in her Kindergarten journey…

She started the school year not knowing any kids in her class, but by them taking the time to make her feel special on her Birthday, she has discovered that she does have friends and that she is an important member of her class.

So far this week, the resistance has diminished and she’s actually been excited about going back each day.

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