My Quest for Happiness…Day 1 #100DaysOfGratitude #YMCCommunity

I’ve come to realize that I am miserable… name is Miserable

Hubby has told me this, but I’ve been in denial. I know I’m not happy and this has been going on for far too long. I’ve always looked at the worst case scenario in things and had “the cup is half empty” mentality.

It started after our daughter was born five years ago and I just have not been able to shake the doom and gloom away. Being sad, angry and jealous really takes you away of from enjoying the many fantastic things that occur in your daily life.

So taking a page from several friends and finally listening to my husband…I will be removing my head from my ass and taking the time each day to recognize and appreciate the good things that are in my life.


So here goes…

Day 1 of 100 Days of Gratitude

1) I am grateful for my husband and children.

*they stick around regardless of my mood, give me unconditional love and eat my failed attempts at new recipes.

2) I am grateful for my health.

*there are people close to me who are not as fortunate and I apologize for taking this for granted.

3) I am grateful for my sense of humour.

*I enjoy a good laugh and I believe that laughter is the best medicine.

I’ll be the first to admit that whenever I have seen others posting about gratitude, it has irritated me. It seemed preachy and I dislike being told what to do.

But now, with hat in hand, I must push my pride aside and ask for strength to keep me focused and strong to make me a better person.


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