My Quest for Happiness…Days 4 & 5 #100DaysOfGratitude #YMCCommunity

We have finally been able to take a holiday this year…

Great Blue Heron

Hubby had been SOOOO busy with work this year, that it had been nearly impossible for us to get away as a family unit rather than the kids and I heading to Gramma’s for a nice visit while Daddy travels for work.

Doing things as a family is so important to us. The nice thing is, that we have made a huge effort to go offline more than we ever have. It’s so pretty refreshing feeling just focussing on your little unit instead of keeping tabs on the rest of the world.

So here’s what I’ve been grateful for for the past two days:

1) the portable DVD player

*we got through two movies along the first leg of our journey and the DVD player kept the kids occupied the entire way.

2) portable snacks

*kept the bellies of the weelets happy along the way in between food stops.

3) wine sold in grocery stores

*by the time we arrived at our first destination on our holiday, it was pretty close to beddy-bye time and we needed to get some milk for the kiddos to have before bed, so one quick stop at the convenience store and we were set with bedtime bevvies for the kids and Mommy and Daddy.

4) hotels that have a complimentary breakfast

*pre-made breakfast is always appreciated when travelling with kidlets and FREE makes it oh-so much nicer.

5) warm Autumn days

*it was such a nice day today, that even the kids enjoyed our 2 hour walk around town with no complaints. (Visiting two playgrounds probably helped too)

6) my husband holding my hand

*nothing makes a girl feel more loved, than when her chosen holds her hand in public AND even plants a big wet kiss on her while the kids are enjoying playing in the playground.

Aaaarrrr, me matey!  A random pirate ship fir the kiddos.

Aaaarrrr, me matey!
A random pirate ship for the kiddos.

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