Surprise the Littles with a personal message from Santa this holiday season! {Promo Code} #PNP

PNP Santa

What kid wouldn’t love a personalized message from Santa Claus?!

Our kidlets have had personal messages from Santa for the past couple of years and are always surprised and delighted that Santa has messaged them directly and somehow knows so much about them!

Portable North Pole is back for it’s seventh holiday season and they are more magical than ever!

Portable North Pole

Portable North Pole (PNP) creates the world’s most engaging, personalized Santa video messages. PNP is an enchanted portal that brings Santa Claus into every home around the world to delight children and families. Their Verdict Machine is now powered by a pedaling elf who will keep the kids entertained while they wait to learn if they’re made the Naughty or Nice list this year, and their new Classic video includes funny footage of the elves as they get in trouble while doing their daily chores.

Elf riding a bike

They now have a mobile version available that is both Android and Apple friendly, so you can share the magic of Santa and his elves while you’re on the go.

The PNP experience is now FREE FOR EVERYONE, with an optional upgrade. Plus in the true spirit of giving, the PNP team has pledged to donate 5% of all web sales to Children’s Hospital foundations across the world.

PNP has generously provided all Raincity Parents readers 20% off any paid products when you use promo code BLG20BKP.

Visit Portable North Pole now and start creating your children’s own personal Christmas greeting from Santa himself!

Portable North Pole

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