Here’s looking at you, kid. #YMCCommunity

When was the last time you had your eyes checked?

Eye exam

Hubby and I went in at the end of the year for our eye exams. I thoroughly enjoyed getting the puff of air blown into my widened eyelids as I flinched uncontrollably awaiting the inevitable. And when they put those fab drops in my eyes that made my pupils dilate (hubby calls these “sex eyes”) and I could barely see because the world was so intensely bright…yeah, those!

At least they gave me a complimentary pair of sunglasses…

Sexy sunglasses

We make sure that we go every two years to stay up to date on our eye health. We both wear glasses now in our “old age” and I have a family history of cataracts and macular degeneration, so I am pretty anal about keeping a close eye (pun intended) on mine.

Speaking of which, have your kids been in to see the Optometrist yet?

Recently, our daughter came home with a letter from school from the BC Doctors of Optometry. It was about the Eye See…Eye Learn® program.

With this program, children born in 2009 and currently enrolled in Kindergarten in a participating school district are eligible for a complimentary eye exam and, if needed, one pair of FREE eye glasses from a participating Doctor of Optometry.

For more information about the Eye See…Eye Learn® program, visit and click on Fribbit, the Eye See…Eye Learn® icon.


It WILL happen…there’s no avoiding it! #YMCCommunity

This morning, like every other weekday morning, I took our daughter to school.

This morning, like every other weekday morning, our 2yo son came along.

Off to school

It had rained all night and the rain was still falling heavily.

We arrived at school, I unloaded the kids and we marched along the path through the playground until we arrived at her classroom. Kisses and hugs were exchanged, the wee man stopped for a drink at the water fountain (he’s a big boy now, Mom) and the two of us headed back out into the wetness.

I thought today we’d take a different route back to the van because I wanted to avoid the massive puddle that was forming next to the normal path.

We veered left, heading towards the field and Captain Poopypants makes a dash for it. No worries, it’s a big field, I’m not afraid that he’ll run out into the road.

Instead, he spies a “raging river” flowing along the edge of the field that I hadn’t noticed due to the slope of it!

The raging river!

A river runs through it.


And, SPLASH! He’s up to his knees, boots are filled and he’s ecstatic! There’s no turning back now, so I leave him to savour this moment of bliss.

Ye big ol' puddle.

Ye big ol’ puddle.

I remember being a kid and loving playing in puddles and streams. My friends and I liked to float thinks along the culverts, watching them pop up on the other sides of the driveways, until they didn’t. We lost a lot of stuff.

I finally manage to extract him from his watery haven and we get back to the van. After buckling him in, he kicks off his boots and the van gets to enjoy the puddle that his boots did.

Ugh! I was going to empty his boots once he was buckled in, but he beat me to it.

Boys! Gotta love ’em. He’s certainly teaching me a lot of what goes through that cute little head of his. Next time I’ll come better prepared by donning him in his full rain suit.

What “fantastic” things have your little boys treated you to?

Surviving the “Man Cold” without losing it! #YMCCommunity

So, hubby woke up the other day with the dreaded “Man Cold”!

The Man Cold

If you don’t know what this is…it’s a regular cold, but it’s “man-sized”.

By this, I mean, every aspect about the cold is exaggerated. Their temperature is “like a million degrees”, their heads are “practically exploding”, the bed is the only comfortable and warm place to lay, the kids are excruciatingly louder than normal, their energy is so drained that getting food or drink is nearly impossible, but going to the bathroom is easily achieved as long as there’s a clear path and no one disturbs him en route.

I figured out how to sort things out before the “milking it” got out of hand. As soon as the grumpy bear appears from his den, I immediately hand him a couple of Daytime Cold & Flu gel capsules and a glass of water.

Daytime Cold & Flu medicine

Wait about a half an hour and you are free of one more kid to take care of.

There, of course, is the lingering cough and runny nose still, but hand him a box of tissues and a handful of lozenges, and when afternoon nap time comes around, send him and the little ones off for a peaceful 2 hour break for Mom, so you can sip your cup of tea and catch up on your own stuff in peace.

Enjoying a cup of tea

Then at bedtime, hook him up with a couple Nightime Cold & Flu capsules, so you both can get a restful sleep. It would also be fantastic if they came with a snore suppressant as well, ’cause Cold Snores are the equivalent to a thunderstorm RIGHT. BESIDE. YOUR. HEAD, accompanied with the “Breath of Death”!

How do you handle the “Man Cold” when it rears it’s ugly head in your home?

Every Mom should have a Boudoir session! #YMCCommunity #goodlife

So, you’ve squeezed out a kid or more and you’re feeling that your body is not exactly the picture of beauty.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

You’re not alone. Many women feel that there bodies are “too fluffy”, their boobs are not where they used to be and their newly acquired “Tiger Stripes” should be kept hidden.

In the last few years, there have been several ad campaigns with major brand names, celebrating the “Mom Body”.

And so it should be.

Us women go through a tremendous amount of physical and emotional change as we grow, give birth and nurture the little beings that make us Moms. Not only do our bodies stretch in ways that we never thought possible while we were pregnant, but after the fruit of our loins emerge into the world, we now give up sleep, proper eating and perhaps some personal hygiene which makes us feel even less attractive.

We fill up our phones and cameras with pictures of our little ones, but mysteriously, Mom is usually absent from these images. Most of the time because we are the ones taking all the pictures, but probably the main reason is that we feel like we’re not “photo ready”.

Well it’s time for Mommy to have her turn. Give her the opportunity to let the beauty that is hiding on the inside a chance come out and show the world (or at least her chosen audience).

Mommy needs a Boudoir session.

Boudoir sessions have come a long way since the days of yore. There are so many options to be had when having one done. You don’t need to be scantily clad in a bra and panties, rather a slouchy sweater and a pair of boxer shorts. Maybe your hubby’s favourite team jersey or one of his work shirts and a tie paired with a classy hat. Whatever you would feel most comfortable in…or not in 😉

I personally have had two sessions. One was done outdoors and the other was a fun Halloween inspired shoot. I would be the last one to say that I was beautiful, but I felt beautiful and that’s what’s most important.

Outdoor Boudoir

Joanna Moss Photography

Boudoir by Jessica Rae

Boudoir by Jessica Rae

A good Boudoir photographer really knows how to capture their subject’s best features using proper lighting and angles. Pinterest is a great resource to seek out different poses, hair and make-up ideas and what you could wear…or not wear 😉 Do your own hair and make-up, make an appointment at a local salon or cosmetics counter or ask your photographer if they have a preferred hair and make-up artist that they work with.

I’m still working on my physical self with running and going to GoodLife Fitness in the plans of having another Boudoir session. Perhaps showing a little more skin than previously…

Have you lost all your “baby weight” and want to celebrate it? Have you found a new sense of confidence and want to show it off?

So what are you waiting for? Book your session and bring along your best girlfriend for courage and to help you with your poses (I don’t recommend bringing along your two year old like I did). Relax, have fun and let your inner beautiful shine on the outside too!

This post was written as a part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Are your kids getting the proper sleep they need? #KidFitPillow

I remember when I was a kid, my first pillow was the “dead pillow”.

The "dead pillow"

This pillow became mine when my Mum retired one of her old worn out ones. It was flatter than a pancake and really couldn’t be classified as a pillow. I don’t know if they had the regulations for pillows for kids like we do nowadays, but chances are, since I don’t even recall using a car seat or a seat belt back then, the guidelines for kids and pillows was probably pretty grey.

When my husband and I felt that our daughter was ready for her own pillow, I decided to carry on with tradition. I gave her my “dead pillow”.

I’ve never seen a kid-sized pillow anywhere…until now.


The KidFit Pillow was designed to fit and properly support a child’s head and neck as they grow. It is built around a top-quality, perforated memory foam with holes that allow for airflow and better temperature regulation. This is great for us as both our kids are mini furnaces and ALWAYS sweat at night, even in the dead of Winter. The cover of the memory foam is removable and washable and the cover for the pillow itself, is ultra-plush, hypo-allergenic, and machine washable.

KidFit Pillows

Our daughter has been using her KidFit Pillow for almost a year now and she has slept so much better! Now our little Dude will be upgrading to a big kid bed, so I’d like to get him one as well.

The KidFit Pillow comes in 3 Stages:

Stage 1: for kids 2-4yrs old

Stage 2: for kids 5-7yrs old

Stage 3: for kids 8-11yrs old

Your kids sit in car seats made for them, so why would you let your kids not sleep on a pillow just for kids?

The KidFit Pillow is a recent PTPA Winner.

PTPA Winner

Do you have the smarts to make your escape in time?! #Krakit

Have you ever had a dream about being trapped somewhere and you had to solve riddles and clues to get you out?

Trapped in a room

They always seem to be occurring in uncomfortable environments like decrepit mental hospitals, abandoned buildings or during an apocalypse.

Well now, you can make that dream a reality (without the impending death part).


Krakit is a new Room Escape experience, located in Burnaby. There are four theme rooms to choose from: Butcher, Asylum, Zombie Apocalypse and currently, Nightmare Before Christmas, where you get to test your thinking skills to successfully escape within 45 minutes before your fate is sealed.

Solve clues hidden right before your eyes to proceed throughout the experience. On occasion you may even have a visitor pop up while you’re concentrating on your task at hand.

Krakit is a fantastic addition to a night out before having dinner or hitting up the local bar. Grab your friends and work together as a team or organize a team building experience with your colleagues or community group.

My best friend from childhood joined me as we pursued The Asylum. She was “the friend” who, at every sleepover, insisted on renting Horror movies. She was the bravest of all of us back then, but now…mwah ha ha ha, it’s payback sista! She even wore a MASSIVE ring just in case we needed protection!


Together, we read clues, turned the rooms upside down and communicated with each other to try to solve the riddles. Throughout the game, you are allowed three “helps” in the event of getting stuck. With both of us being too stubborn to ask for help, we burned up a lot of our time in the first room. We did cave at one point and ask for help. Apparently everyone does it, so we really aren’t that lame 😉

The second room was easier for us as we quickly made it through the clues, unlocking various objects. We even got spooked a couple of times, throwing us off our concentration and adding to the excitement!

In the end, we finished 5 minutes past the allotted time, but it was totally worth it. We had so much fun and learned how well we work together. I think we need to try out for Amazing Race Canada next! We’ve already planned to go back to try another room and we’re going to bring more friends with us.


Krakit Escape Game is located at : 4035 North Road, Burnaby, BC, V3J 1S3

Easily accessible just steps away from the Lougheed skytrain station

North of Lougheed Hwy on the West Side of North Rd

Phone: (604) 484-6552


REGULAR HOURS OF OPERATION: *bookings outside of regular hours possible please contact us for more info*

Monday-Thursday 3:00pm – 11:30pm

Friday 3:00pm -12:30am

Saturday 11:00am – 12:30am

Sunday 11:00am – 11:30pm


Each single Escape Game per person is $22.00 (taxes included)

Tuesdays all games are $10/person (NOT including taxes)

Is it your birthday? Then your game is free *the day of your birthday.

To book your Room Escape experience at Krakit, click here.

Visit Krakit on Facebook and Twitter too!

Kids ALWAYS have impeccable timing! #YMCCommunity

Just as you get that important call, the kids require your attention RIGHT NOW!



It never fails…

They could be playing nicely and quietly with their toys and each other for the past half an hour, then just as you answer the phone, the yelling and fighting begins.

Daddy mostly works from home, so he regularly makes and receives business calls throughout the day. His “office” is the door-less den near the kids bedroom, so it’s a little less than private.

Today, while he was on one of those “professional calls”, the kids thought that this would be the ideal time to start a “Fart War” amongst themselves and loudly announce every time one of them dropped a bomb.

What the...?

What the…?

I can only imagine what the person on the other end of the line must have been thinking hearing that come across the horn. Hopefully they didn’t catch it and there was too much noise on the line. Wishful thinking.

Our home seems to get smaller as the days go by, but we make due with what we have until it’s more feasible.

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment while on a phone call?