Kids ALWAYS have impeccable timing! #YMCCommunity

Just as you get that important call, the kids require your attention RIGHT NOW!



It never fails…

They could be playing nicely and quietly with their toys and each other for the past half an hour, then just as you answer the phone, the yelling and fighting begins.

Daddy mostly works from home, so he regularly makes and receives business calls throughout the day. His “office” is the door-less den near the kids bedroom, so it’s a little less than private.

Today, while he was on one of those “professional calls”, the kids thought that this would be the ideal time to start a “Fart War” amongst themselves and loudly announce every time one of them dropped a bomb.

What the...?

What the…?

I can only imagine what the person on the other end of the line must have been thinking hearing that come across the horn. Hopefully they didn’t catch it and there was too much noise on the line. Wishful thinking.

Our home seems to get smaller as the days go by, but we make due with what we have until it’s more feasible.

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment while on a phone call?

One thought on “Kids ALWAYS have impeccable timing! #YMCCommunity

  1. oh yeah, kids leave your brain melted. When i went back to work after second maternity leave I said to a business customer on the phone ‘day day, love you.’ I nearly died when I hung up and realised who I was talking to 🙂


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