Are cookbooks becoming a thing of the past? #YMCCommunity

My Mum had, and still has a book shelf full of cook books.

Every so often, she culls her assortment and hands them down to me.

I now have a box of cook books that I never look at.

It’s not that I can’t cook or don’t like to try new dishes out…I just don’t find cook books very convenient. I’m too busy to peruse the pages and find something that I’d like to make.

Entré l’internet.

Pinterest is my BFF and Google is her sidekick. All you need to do is enter a few keywords et voilà, a plethora of recipes appear AND with pictures. Pictures ALWAYS help me decide on a recipe.

I have created my own virtual cook book online and all for FREE! I Bookmark my favourite blogs and websites so that I can go back to them and I subscribe to several as well so that I can get regular emails with new recipes to try. I’ve also got several boards on Pinterest where I’ve “pinned” recipe links to a variety of categories.

Where do you get your food inspirations and recipes from?

3 thoughts on “Are cookbooks becoming a thing of the past? #YMCCommunity

  1. I live for & Pinterest recipes, but I still LOVE my cookbooks. I love to turn the pages and find inspiration for our weekly menu. I also have notebook meticulously organized of Recipe clippings from Martha Stewart, Paula Deen, Southern Living, and Better Homes & Gardens Magazines. Maybe it’s the hands on turning of the page, but I find my books and collections more inspiring and engaging than the internet. But I do know that there are so many out there who can find the inspiration in the simplicity of a tablet on your counter as opposed to the flailing pages of books. 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Happy Mom Happy Life and commented:
    I couldn’t agree more with rainycity parent. I love the look of cookbooks on a shelf in a magazine. We even have a family cookbook that i cherish. However, my cookbooks dont get touched. When i want to try somethibg quick my go to is pinterest and i absolutely don’t know hoe i survived before its days


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