{{Featured Post}} Volunteer Grandparents

I will always remember going over to my grandparents house for a visit when I was little…

My Grampa would make Pufferoo (this was an AMAZING baked omelet with only bacon in it) and potatoes for breakfast and my Gramma would pull out the Bunnykins dishes for my sister and I. After breakfast, we’d go down to the basement and pull out the old dolls that were stashed away and then run up to the attic and go into the games cupboard and play Clue, Dress Up dolls, and Monopoly.  


I will never forget the smells around their home. They lived in an old house in Vancouver and it had lath and plaster walls and probably asbestos insulation. My Grampa’s garage smelled of oil and grease, and he had a huge collection of tools. My Gramma always had fresh baked cookies in her St. Bernard cookie jar. These cookies were amazing…except for the walnut pieces 😜

I have some very fond memories of time spent with my grandparents. Kids need grandparents and grandparents need grandkids! 


Some families aren’t so fortunate to have these people in their lives. Perhaps the grandparents passed too soon, having children weren’t in some people’s cards, the distance is too great or family differences are the reason.

Fortunately, there is an organization out there called Volunteer Grandparents.  


Located in Burnaby, BC, Volunteer Grandparents is a program that brings young persons together with older adults. 

The intergenerational relationships created through our program are mutually beneficial. For children and families, a volunteer grandparent’s invaluable wisdom can be a positive guiding force in their life. The influence of a volunteer grandparent can help them through the challenges of school, peer group acceptance and self esteem building. 

For older adults, a strong relationship with a member of a younger generation can let them feel connected to a fast changing society, avoid loneliness and isolation, and allow them to have an influence on upcoming generations. In addition, seniors who volunteer often experience a great improvement in mental and physical health as a result of their active community involvement. 

If you are interested in finding a volunteer grandparent or if you are an older adult wishing to connect with families with children, be sure to visit the Volunteer Grandparent website to get more information about this great program.



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