{{Promo Code}} Santa’s calling! A personalized message for your little ones, directly from Santa himself! #PortableNorthPole

We brave the line-ups every year at the mall, just so the kiddos can have their picture taken with Santa and tell him what they have on their Wish List. He reminds them to be good and hands them a candy cane as they exit stage left.

Waiting in line for Santa

Somehow, this doesn’t seem too personal and that believable. This year, try adding a little more magic to your kiddos Christmas experience. Portable North Pole can do just that! Santa will speak directly to your child, by name, know personal details about them and talk to them about achievements that they’ve had over the past year and maybe help them with some of their struggles.

Portable North Pole

Our kids always look forward to hearing from Santa every Christmas time and seeing what the elves are up to!

The kids snuggle up with Daddy and I to watch their special message and I can’t help but get verklempt, every…single…time! I sit there trying to hold back my tears as my “Mommy emotions” get the best of me.

PNP – Portable North Pole is one of the most personal Santa experiences in the world. You can easily create customized video or phone messages from Santa Claus for your loved ones, adding information about the recipient and uploading photos for a completely personalized greeting. The high-quality messages make the North Pole village come alive, and you can experience the magic for FREE!

You can access the PNP experience online at or via our mobile app (compatible with Apple and Android devices). Premium videos, available for a small fee, are longer and include more personalisation options and storylines. Bundle packages are great for families and an affordable option for those who wish to make more than one video (often selected by parents wishing to make videos for multiple children). The passes also unlock exclusive Christmas Eve video content and allows the video to be downloaded in HD to keep as a souvenir for years to come!

Portable North Pole

In the true spirit of giving, the PNP team has pledged to donate 5% of all web sales to Children’s Hospital foundations across the world.

{{Promo Code}}

We’ve been given a promo code to share with all the Raincity Parent readers!!  Enter BLG20PNP and you will receive 20% off any paid products at checkout!

Portable North Pole

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