Get a grip with #FlyGrip! 

I use my cell phone to take all of my photos…

Phone pic

I ALWAYS have it with me and it’s got WiFi, so I can email or upload my pictures immediately if I choose to.

But sometimes I have fumble fingers and my phone manages to escape my grip and gravity takes over, sending it hurtling to the ground.

Cracked Phone Screen

I’m sure you’re familiar with a cracked or totally shattered screen and sometimes those special cases that are supposed to prevent these disasters just can’t handle the impact of a hard surface.

Phone in rice

Have you ever escaped from the kids, locked yourself in the bathroom and brought along your phone so you had some reading material? Have you ever accidentally dropped your phone in the toilet?! GHAH! Now you need to put your phone in a bag of rice for a few days and hopefully it’ll suck out all the moisture and save your “best friend”. But the germs remain…

Why go through all the trouble and just keep a better grip on your phone?


Fly Grip is an ingenious tool that allows you to keep hold of your phone whether you’re typing or taking a photo. It also can be used as a kickstand in both orientations.

Available in a variety of colours and designs, you can hang onto phone and accessorize to suit your mood.

Visit the FlyGrip website to order yours now!

Fly Grip