Breaking down the walls on our dirty little secret. #YMCCommunity

So you’ve had a baby or two…perhaps more.

Have you noticed a change in your lower lady bits? Do you leak when you exercise? Are you having trouble going number two? Maybe intercourse with your partner isn’t as comfortable as it once was, or maybe it’s now become painful? Are you feeling lower back or hip pain?

If you answered “Yes!” to any or all of these questions, then it’s time for you to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist! They will assess the status of your pelvic floor, by using real-time ultrasound as well as an internal examination.

I recently went in for a pelvic floor examination because I was experiencing several of the afore mentioned symptoms and I needed to figure out what was going on. During the ultrasound part of my exam, my pelvic floor physiotherapist showed me that my pelvic floor was not functioning as it should. I had the proper “squeeze”, however the “lift” was practically non-existent. She then performed an internal exam and discovered that I had a lot of scarring due to being pregnant and child birth. She was able to manually separate the adhesions from the walls of my cervix and vagina and I immediately felt a change and better movement when she was finished.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

I am three and a half years post partum…it’s never too late to have a pelvic floor exam! My therapist told me of a client of hers that was in her seventies, went in and after her initial appointment, had immediate results affecting her urinary and digestive functions!

How AMAZING is that?!

I wasn’t aware about pelvic floor wellness until a few years ago. Chances are, you aren’t either.

After having my consultation, I DO NOT understand why all women, post childbirth, are not recommended to have a pelvic floor assessment! You go in for your post partum exam where they check that your bleeding has subsided, your tummy muscles are headed back in the right direction and any cuts and tears are healing properly, so why on Earth would you not be sent in to check on the status of your pelvic floor?

Having a proper functioning pelvic floor will prevent future core dysfunction. Proactive is a better route than reactive.

Were you also aware that you can ensure pelvic floor wellness during pregnancy and childbirth? Another topic that doctors don’t bring up at your regularly scheduled appointments throughout your pregnancy.

Prepare To Push™ written by Kim Vopni (aka The Fitness Doula), is a fantastic read that all pregnant women should get their hands on! This book highlights the need to prepare your body for childbirth and recover with core restoration.

Prepare To Push

Ladies, it’s so important to take care of your bits and pieces! Don’t be afraid to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist if you are experiencing any of the symptoms that I mentioned at the beginning of this post. And if you know someone who is planning on getting or is currently pregnant …pick them up a copy of Prepare To Push™.

Help spread the word about pelvic floor wellness and encourage women to talk openly about their concerns. Let’s change the way we think our bodies are supposed to be after pregnancy and childbirth. We’ve come a long way since our mothers and grandmothers gave birth!

Christmas Country-Style #TimberlineCountryChristmas

Last weekend we ventured out to Maple Ridge to check out Timberline Ranch’s Country Christmas.

It was a bit of a drive, but we were pleased that we made it out there.

Timberline Country Christmas

Upon our arrival, we were greeted and given ballots to vote on our favourite Christmas trees, decorated by local businesses, and our tickets for the pony rides.

Voting for their favourite trees


Our little lady picked the purple one (of course), the wee lad, chose the one with cars on it and Mum and Dad voted for the same one (’cause great minds think alike).

After voting, we popped into the bakery and helped the cow hands decorate some sugar cookies to look like snowmen. The kiddos did a great job of decorating!

Save some icing for the cookies!

Save some icing for the cookies!

We hopped aboard the wagon and ventured on up to the barn where the petting zoo, pony rides and hay maze were. The kids loved the goats, llama, ponies, cow and donkey!


Baby cow



The highlight of our visit was definitely the Pony Ride! Our daughter hadn’t been on a horse in quite a few years and Captain Awesome had never ridden one before.

Dude on a horse

Little lady on horseback

After running around through the Hay Maze, we hopped aboard the wagon again and drove around the property on our way back to the Lodge.

Once inside, we ventured downstairs and enjoyed the Snowball Room, the dress up photo ops, decorated a couple of ornaments and played a few games.

Tossing snowballs

Vintage costumes


Making ornaments


The kids had a really fantastic time and the cosy feeling you get being on a ranch, really gives you a different perspective on Christmas. It was quite nice getting away from the hustle, bustle and noise of the city and just enjoy some peace, quiet and tranquility.


{{Giveaway}} Something to add to the Christmas List! #PlasmaCar

This week a special delivery arrived in the mail…

If you’ve heard of PlasmaCar, you know this is an awesome toy! If not, it’s time to climb out from under that rock!


PlasmaCar is an amazing kid-powered ride on toy that they won’t get enough of! It’s driven by inertia, centrifugal force and friction, which means no batteries, gears, pedals or power cords!

And the cool part…us grown-ups can ride it too! (As long as you’re under 220lbs, that is.)

Our kids love it! They are normally fighting over whose turn it is, but on the rare occasion, they to ride it together, taking turns on who does the steering.

Riding the PlasmaCar

Check out these fun, innovative toys at and if you need to find some more toys for the kiddos on your Christmas shopping list, go to where you will find toys that will occupy, entertain and educate them!

PlasmaCar{{The GIVEAWAY}}

We have a PlasmaCar to giveaway to one lucky Raincity Parent reader!! This contest runs until December 6th, 2015 and is open to residents of Canada (excluding Quebec) and the US. Please enter via the Rafflecopter link below.

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For another chance to WIN a PlasmaCar, pop on over to British Columbia Mom and enter there too! | Facebook/PlaSmart | @PlaSmart | YouTube/PlaSmartVideos | Facebook/PlasmaCar | @PlasmaCar

Timberline Country Christmas, December 2-20, 2015

Have you ever watched one of those Christmas specials on TV that take place on a ranch and thought that it would be pretty amazing to experience a Country Christmas?

Well you wish has come true!

Timberline Ranch in Maple Ridge is having their second annual Country Christmas and you’re invited!

Timberline Country Christmas

Running from December 2-20, take the whole family out to enjoy a Christmas experience that the kiddos will love!

Enjoy a wagon ride, a pony ride, visit the petting zoo, grab a snack at the bakery, vote for your favourite Christmas tree decorated by a local business, play in Snowville and decorate your own ornament!

You will need to make an online reservation to this event, so please click on this link to reserve your spot.

Timberline Ranch

{{Promo codes}} Keeping holiday traditions alive. #Minted

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that we receive fewer and fewer Christmas cards…

This could mean one of two things:

1)Friends don’t consider us friends any more (I’d hate for this to be true).


2)People just aren’t sending cards out anymore.

Image credit:

Image credit:

At Christmas time, when I was a little girl, I remember my Mom sitting down at the kitchen table with a stack of Christmas cards and her worn out address book. She would write out her cards for hours and then have to lick, what seemed to be a thousand stamps.

Ever since my husband and I started dating, we have sent our friends and family Christmas cards. We would take a trip to the States, usually just after Halloween, and while we were there, we’d scour book stores and card shops to find the perfect cards to reflect our personality. It was becoming a tedious endeavour and the selections just weren’t us.

This year, I checked out


The selection of photo and non-photo cards are amazing! You can personalize your cards with text and images to make them extra special. Each card style can be customized with decorative edging, backing and colour styles.

We found the perfect style that reflects us and am looking forward to sending them out!

Minted Christmas cards

You can even have your envelopes come pre-addressed right from Minted, so all you need to do is stick on your stamps and put them in the mail. That certainly saves time and let’s you get on with more festive activities with the kiddos!


A little bit about Minted:

  • Minted is a design marketplace of independent artists from around the globe.
  • This year, all holiday cards are available with matching envelope designs and recipient addressing, FREE for a limited time. Save time and make your holiday card beautiful from the inside out.
    2015 holiday card trends: Take it from our community of independent artists—hand-drawn patterns, dark grey with metallic, geometric, and bold color palettes are what’s on-trend for this season. Among this year’s top trends are real foil-pressed holiday cards in gold, silver and rose gold, available exclusively at Minted; also new are photo letterpress holiday cards featuring the luxurious look and feel of letterpress paired with unique inks and neon colors.
  • Minted is known for its high-quality paper and printing.
  • Minted’s Signature paper is thick and luxurious with a creamy cotton texture, and has been optimized for photo printing. You can also choose 100% recycled paper, Pearlescent paper which adds a subtle shimmer, DoubleThick paper or even TripleThick paper. Minted also offers 9 unique die-cut shapes. A variety of backer options allow you to add additional photos, text, and customization options to your holiday card.
  • Love your holiday card so much that you want to make it a permanent fixture of your home? Introducing new Holiday Keepsake Art. Create a gallery wall of holiday memories with a framed keepsake made of this year’s holiday card.
  • Minted’s assortment of stationery, art and home decor is constantly expanding as Minted grows its artist community and hosts ongoing challenges.


Get started on creating your own beautiful Christmas cards by clicking on this link!


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Free Foil Event (20% off all foil) (code: FOIL) valid 11/10-11/16

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15% off holiday cards (code: CHEER15) vaild 11/17-11/24

Get a grip with #FlyGrip! 

I use my cell phone to take all of my photos…

Phone pic

I ALWAYS have it with me and it’s got WiFi, so I can email or upload my pictures immediately if I choose to.

But sometimes I have fumble fingers and my phone manages to escape my grip and gravity takes over, sending it hurtling to the ground.

Cracked Phone Screen

I’m sure you’re familiar with a cracked or totally shattered screen and sometimes those special cases that are supposed to prevent these disasters just can’t handle the impact of a hard surface.

Phone in rice

Have you ever escaped from the kids, locked yourself in the bathroom and brought along your phone so you had some reading material? Have you ever accidentally dropped your phone in the toilet?! GHAH! Now you need to put your phone in a bag of rice for a few days and hopefully it’ll suck out all the moisture and save your “best friend”. But the germs remain…

Why go through all the trouble and just keep a better grip on your phone?


Fly Grip is an ingenious tool that allows you to keep hold of your phone whether you’re typing or taking a photo. It also can be used as a kickstand in both orientations.

Available in a variety of colours and designs, you can hang onto phone and accessorize to suit your mood.

Visit the FlyGrip website to order yours now!

Fly Grip

Sleeping in the car, just became WAY more amazing!! {{Giveaway}} #SlumberSling

You’ve got everyone all packed into the “family mobile” and you’re off on your next journey to wherever…

Errand running, out and about for the day around town, or the epic road trip that will more than likely consist of multiple stops for potty breaks, snack attacks, the retrieving of “misplaced” toys, shoes, binkies or blankies, or, changing the DVD for the gazzillionth time.

Hopefully this will include an interlude of quietness from the backseat when the mites drift off into a nice slumber, so Mum and Dad can have a moments peace or, Heaven forbid, listen to some grown-up tunage!

I honestly don’t know how kids can sleep so soundly hunched over in their car seats! Necks craned over and heads rolling around at every curve. Clearly, their made of rubber!

Enter Slumber Sling!

Sleepy Dude

These fantastic straps to help keep your kiddos heads in the “upright and locked position” during those unexpected slumber sessions that can sneak up on them. They come in several cute designs, fit around car seats and are suitable for the bigger kids too. I think that for our next road trip, I might use one for myself too so I don’t end up with a sore neck myself!

Slumber Sling has passed safety requirements in a professional crash test. It is hand made from organic cotton in the USA. Click here to purchase yours today.

Slumber Sling


Ash & Alys Babes has given Raincity Parent one of their fantastic Slumber Slings to giveaway to one lucky reader!!!

Slumber Sling Foxy Dots

Enter via the Rafflecopter link below. Contest open to Canadian residents only, excluding Quebec.

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