Girls Learning Code March Webmakers Camp, March 9th-13th, 2015

Spring Break is quickly approaching…

if you have a daughter between the ages of 8-13 who has an interest in Web Design, this camp might be for her.

This full day camp is all about unleashing creativity! By the end of the week, learners will be able to confidently code websites and know how to troubleshoot and problem solve their web related errors. They will have a fantastic website and will be advocates as to how the web can make a difference in the world. 

This will be taking place at Traction (2700 Production Way) in Burnaby and will run from 9am – 4pm. They will also be offering before and after care from 8 – 9am and 4 – 6pm at no extra cost. 

To register your daughter for this week long camp, please click here.

As always, scholarships are available for those who cannot afford to attend otherwise OR use coupon code raincityparent to receive 25% off the cost.

It WILL happen…there’s no avoiding it! #YMCCommunity

This morning, like every other weekday morning, I took our daughter to school.

This morning, like every other weekday morning, our 2yo son came along.

Off to school

It had rained all night and the rain was still falling heavily.

We arrived at school, I unloaded the kids and we marched along the path through the playground until we arrived at her classroom. Kisses and hugs were exchanged, the wee man stopped for a drink at the water fountain (he’s a big boy now, Mom) and the two of us headed back out into the wetness.

I thought today we’d take a different route back to the van because I wanted to avoid the massive puddle that was forming next to the normal path.

We veered left, heading towards the field and Captain Poopypants makes a dash for it. No worries, it’s a big field, I’m not afraid that he’ll run out into the road.

Instead, he spies a “raging river” flowing along the edge of the field that I hadn’t noticed due to the slope of it!

The raging river!

A river runs through it.


And, SPLASH! He’s up to his knees, boots are filled and he’s ecstatic! There’s no turning back now, so I leave him to savour this moment of bliss.

Ye big ol' puddle.

Ye big ol’ puddle.

I remember being a kid and loving playing in puddles and streams. My friends and I liked to float thinks along the culverts, watching them pop up on the other sides of the driveways, until they didn’t. We lost a lot of stuff.

I finally manage to extract him from his watery haven and we get back to the van. After buckling him in, he kicks off his boots and the van gets to enjoy the puddle that his boots did.

Ugh! I was going to empty his boots once he was buckled in, but he beat me to it.

Boys! Gotta love ’em. He’s certainly teaching me a lot of what goes through that cute little head of his. Next time I’ll come better prepared by donning him in his full rain suit.

What “fantastic” things have your little boys treated you to?

My Quest for Happiness…Day 2 #100DaysOfGratitude #YMCCommunity

This morning our daughter’s Kindergarten class had their first session of ice skating…

While we were waiting for the rest of the group to arrive, little miss had a meltdown. She kept saying that she couldn’t skate and didn’t want to go. I got her into her snow gear and all laced up while she protested the entire time. We walked to the ice, she stepped on, and began to cry. Right away, her teacher saw that she was upset, so she came to her aid.

Superstar Teacher

We want our daughter to learn independence and gain confidence in her own abilities, so we encourage her to try things out on her own first. She had taken prior skating lessons, so she wasn’t a stranger to what was involved. Just like riding a bike, it eventually came back to her. Even a couple of boys from her class came to her rescue and showed her how to skate. Chivalry is still alive and well in our world.


The little dude started to get restless, so I sat him in his stroller. He wasn’t too thrilled about this new arrangement. After a few minutes of his meltdown, Ms. Superstar Kindy teacher, comes and suggests that perhaps I’d like to go on the ice with Captain Get-me-out-of-my-stroller. I inquire at the Skate Shop, and sure enough, we are allowed to go on the ice with the stroller. We just needed helmets and I required a pair of ice cleats.

To our daughter’s surprise, me and Stroller King step onto the ice and join the Ice Princess in a family skate. By now her confidence has increased, Mr. Dude is being entertained and we are having a great time.

Mom & Dude

When our session is over, we head out to the Skate Shop and gear down. Little Miss is now bummed that it’s time to go, but I reassure her that it won’t be the last time we go skating and congratulate her on overcoming her initial fear and for doing such a fantastic job.

So today’s gratitude is:

1) I am grateful for our daughter’s Kindergarten teacher.

*she showed compassion and helped encourage our daughter to trust her abilities in herself. She also, helped me be a part of our daughter’s learning experience by suggesting getting on the ice with the stroller and our son.

2) I am grateful for ice cleats.

*I am a horrible skater, so these fantastic articles of footwear kept me upright instead of being a flailing mess that I’m certain, twenty Kindergarteners would get a kick out of.

3) I am grateful for umbrella strollers.

*this allowed me and our son to enjoy a family moment with our daughter! instead of having to watch from the bleachers.


Birthday Celebrations…in the style of Kindergarten. #YMCCommunity

Last week our daughter turned five! Whoa…five already!


It was a school day as normal. We got up, fought over breakfast, dawdled getting dressed and, like every other day, she didn’t want to go to school.

It’s not that she doesn’t like it there, she just doesn’t want ME to be lonely. Once she’s dropped off, everything is fine and her two year old brother does a fantastic job of taking care of me throughout the day until I am reunited with my precious.

When I picked her up from school, she was bouncier than usual, so I assume her day went well.

The best thing…for me, was the fact that her pants were dry when I collected her. She’s been having some issues at the end if the day where she either forgets to “go” before getting geared up to go home OR, the washroom is being cleaned at the exact moment that she requires it. Anyhoo, she was dry and that was fantastic!

Birthday Book

When we got home, she showed me a Birthday Book that her classmates made for her. It was really sweet. Each kiddo drew a picture ( they all drew the exact same thing, just in their own style) and wrote her a Happy Birthday message on the back of it. There was one questionable picture though…not sure if he’s holding a sword at her or a REALLY big middle finger.


I think this was a turning point for her in her Kindergarten journey…

She started the school year not knowing any kids in her class, but by them taking the time to make her feel special on her Birthday, she has discovered that she does have friends and that she is an important member of her class.

So far this week, the resistance has diminished and she’s actually been excited about going back each day.

Hot Dog Days…a thing of the past? #YMCCommunity

About a million years ago, when I was in Elementary School, we had this special day called “Hot Dog Day”.

Image credit: Kid vs. Kat

Image credit: Kid vs. Kat

On Hot Dog Day, every kid in the school received a hot dog (or two), a bag of chips, a carton of milk and a donut for dessert. We always looked forward to these special lunch days because having these things at home weren’t very common. Especially the donuts!

It probably cost our parents under $5 for us to enjoy Hot Dog Day and it also meant that our parents didn’t have to bother packing a lunch for us and more free time for them after bedtime or perhaps, a few extra “Z’s” in the morning.

Mom and Dad Time

Nutritional content wasn’t a concern for my Mum back then, but today, as a parent myself, I am more aware of what my kids eat.

We just received word of the first “Hot Lunch Day” at our daughter’s school this week. This is new to us as we have just entered the school system as a Kindergartner this year. I assume the name change is due to the variety of hot lunches that will be offered on these days.

That being said, I was disappointed to discover that for her first “Hot Lunch”, they will be serving food ordered from a local fast food restaurant.

Fast food


GROSS! Our kids don’t eat that junk!

If other parents allow their kids to eat this food, that is their prerogative. Now my child either has to eat this junk or not be included in this “special lunch day” with her classmates.

Are there really no healthy options available for “Hot Lunch Day”?

I guess it’s that little Jamie Oliver voice inside my head that gets me going. All the work that he has done to get more nutritional meals served in schools and to educate children and their parents about eating “good food”.

Jamie Oliver

How do we fix this? Is it the PAC Committee or the school district/ board who decides what foods are offered at schools, or is it higher up in the educational ministry? I’d certainly like to know, so that I can voice my concerns.

What are your feelings on fast food being offered on “Hot Lunch Days”?