It WILL happen…there’s no avoiding it! #YMCCommunity

This morning, like every other weekday morning, I took our daughter to school.

This morning, like every other weekday morning, our 2yo son came along.

Off to school

It had rained all night and the rain was still falling heavily.

We arrived at school, I unloaded the kids and we marched along the path through the playground until we arrived at her classroom. Kisses and hugs were exchanged, the wee man stopped for a drink at the water fountain (he’s a big boy now, Mom) and the two of us headed back out into the wetness.

I thought today we’d take a different route back to the van because I wanted to avoid the massive puddle that was forming next to the normal path.

We veered left, heading towards the field and Captain Poopypants makes a dash for it. No worries, it’s a big field, I’m not afraid that he’ll run out into the road.

Instead, he spies a “raging river” flowing along the edge of the field that I hadn’t noticed due to the slope of it!

The raging river!

A river runs through it.


And, SPLASH! He’s up to his knees, boots are filled and he’s ecstatic! There’s no turning back now, so I leave him to savour this moment of bliss.

Ye big ol' puddle.

Ye big ol’ puddle.

I remember being a kid and loving playing in puddles and streams. My friends and I liked to float thinks along the culverts, watching them pop up on the other sides of the driveways, until they didn’t. We lost a lot of stuff.

I finally manage to extract him from his watery haven and we get back to the van. After buckling him in, he kicks off his boots and the van gets to enjoy the puddle that his boots did.

Ugh! I was going to empty his boots once he was buckled in, but he beat me to it.

Boys! Gotta love ’em. He’s certainly teaching me a lot of what goes through that cute little head of his. Next time I’ll come better prepared by donning him in his full rain suit.

What “fantastic” things have your little boys treated you to?