Fundraising with junk food. It’s time for a change. #YMCCommunity

This year, our daughter is now eligible to participate in organized sports.


On the first day for each of the sports that we’ve signed her up for, they’ve advised us that we are to do fundraising for the association that we are a part of.

Guess what they give us?

Yep…chocolate bars! And not your average size chocolate bars, but the family-sized ones that they offer at the movie theatres. We were only given four to sell at $5 a pop, but that’s not my point. And chances are…the parents just pay for the entire lot and tuck it away to snack on themselves.

Fundraising chocolates

Even preschools and organized clubs for kids, fund raise by selling chocolates and cookies.

Girl Guide Cookies

I’ve done a post about school fundraising before.

Now, in this day and age, more and more parents are choosing to provide healthy snack options to our kids rather than candy loaded with sugar.

Having your child in an organized sport or dance club, promotes a healthy lifestyle through exercise. I know I’m not the only one that knows that exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand.

So why are we using our kids to sell this junk?

There are many more options to fundraising that don’t involve junk food. Healthier snack options, raffles, car washes, bottle drives, fresh fruit sales, the list goes on. It only takes a minute to Google “healthy fundraising options“.


Farm to school fundraisingI think it’s time that the organizers of these clubs rethink how they set up their fundraising. But it’s going to be up to the parents to encourage and demand these changes.

How do you feel about the way fundraising is done where your kids are involved?

Does candy make kids crazy?

We still have a massive haul of candy left over from Halloween.

Too much candy!

Too much candy!

I’ve been letting her have a couple of treats each day, but I sincerely believe that it’s turning her into a monster.

I decided to cut her off for a few days and I noticed quite an attitude change from spazzola to average 4 year old (if there really is a difference).

Hubby and I have guiltily been pecking away at the pile in hopes that our daughter won’t notice the dwindling mound. I don’t want her eating that much candy. A treat once in awhile is OK, but at that rate, we’ll still be eating this junk until her 16th Birthday.

Honestly..we're just trying to help!

Honestly..we’re just trying to help!

And I don’t think that this plan will work either. Mom and Dad’s waistline’s are starting to grow and I have noticed a few more pimples.

I decided the other day that we MUST THROW AWAY THE CANDY! Sad and wasteful yes, but our bodies will than us for it later. Not to mention, we won’t be buying the dentist a new car anytime soon.

Yes, you do need several crowns and veneers!

Yes, you do need several crowns and veneers!