Take a load off during your holiday shopping! #AvionVIP

When you talk to someone about shopping at the mall during the Christmas season, they immediately cringe.

Shopping madness

Just the thought of going to a shopping centre during the holidays makes my heart race! And you know that there’s no avoiding hitting up these places when you have several people to buy for.

The roads nearby are busy, the parking lot is a literal traffic jam with eager shoppers vying for a spot, let alone a good one. Once inside the mall, you need your GPS fired up just to navigate through the milling shoppers.Personally, after an hour or so of this, and I need a break from the chaos!

RBC Avion Holiday Boutique

Thankfully, if you are an RBC Avion member (Avioner), you can escape the insanity when you’ve just about had enough.

The RBC Avion Holiday Boutique has been set up in select shopping centres so that Avioners can step out of the hustle and bustle, take their coat off, have a warm beverage and snack, not have to worry about wrapping their parcels and just take some time to put their feet up and recharge their batteries so they can dive back in and finish up their shopping.

Complimentary services

The complimentary services that Avioners can receive when they visit the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique are:

*Valet parking
*Coat and parcel check
*VIP lounge and café
*Concierge services
*Gift wrapping service

RBC Avion Holiday Boutique

Having to not find a parking spot was fantastic! We just pulled up to the valet booth, and the nice chap happily parked our van for us. While visiting the RBC Holiday Boutique, we were treated to complimentary Starbucks coffee and mint hot chocolate and an assortment of yummy cookies, apples and candy canes to nibble on.

Candy cane fiend

More candy canes!

Our little guy picked out a couple of Christmas themed story books that were available to read and we were able to sit back and relax and unwind. They even have a Twitter contest that you can participate in to win some awesome prizes!

Compliments of RBC Avion Holiday Boutique

Fingers crossed, I WIN this beauty!

Fingers crossed, I WIN this beauty!

The RBC Avion Holiday Boutique is for Avion cardholders but the public can enjoy the valet parking, coat & parcel check and gift wrapping services for a pre-set fee (all coat & parcel check and gift wrapping fees are donated to charity).

You can visit the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique at Coquitlam Centre from November 22nd-December 31st. Click here for location and mall hours.

Coquitlam Centre

Do you go Christmas Shopping with a predetermined list, or do you like to browse around until something catches your fancy?

Disclosure: I am part of the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

A Whole New Holiday Shopping Experience! #CoquitlamCentre #AvionVIP


I’m so excited to check out the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique coming to Coquitlam Centre this holiday season!

With Christmas almost a month away, everyone is starting to get in gear and get some Christmas shopping done.

Coquitlam Centre

I’ll be heading to Coquitlam Centre soon to check out this amazing experience to help me get into the Christmas shopping spirit.

Stay tuned for an update about my visit to the RBC Avion Boutique!

Disclosure: I am part of the RBC Avion Holiday Boutique Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Father’s Day…a shopping experience. #YMCCommunity

Father’s Day is this weekend, so I loaded up the kids and headed to the local shopping mall.

Photo credit: The Now News

Photo credit: The Now News

We arrive and hit up the play area so the kiddos can burn off some of their excess energy and build up an appetite for a bite of lunch.

There’s a pile of kids running amok and our little spazzes are terrorizing the small enclosure. Our daughter decides that she’s the only one allowed to play in the Hollow Tree and mouths off to another kid. So Mama Bear makes her appearance and demands an apology be said or we will be heading home post haste.

The apology is made under her breath and in a huff.

Then our young lad feels that he should be driving the car (as most men do) in the play area and bops the little girl sitting in the driver’s seat, in the nose a couple of times before my go-Gadget-go arm is able to stop him.

Another apology session is played out in protest, but it too is made.

The play area starts to get crazy, so I manage to persuade our spawn that it’s lunch time and if we go now, we can get pizza! The most appropriately priced meal in the entire fast food selection in the mall. Three of us can eat for $5, not $15.

We get our food, our daughter gets the job of putting the Parmesan on the slices. She proceeds to empty the entire shaker onto our food…awesome.

Lunch is had, but most of the wee lad ‘s portion, ended up on the ground and the little lady’s pizza ended up topless. I reflect back to my comment about the most appropriately priced meal in the mall.

Now, it’s time to get Daddy’s Father’s Day gift.

We hit up Cole’s and they’ve got a table stacked with books right at the front of the store marked, “Great reads for Dads”, so this makes my life a bit easier. I won’t have to spend too much time scouring the shelves while my monsters start to get bored. As I’m reading the inside leaf of a book, our son takes a swipe at the neighbouring table and a stack of books go sliding off and onto the floor with a loud crash! I pick them up and he decides to launch his bear and soother across the store.

Not exactly as shown.

Not exactly as shown.

Time to go.

I collect our daughter, who has planted her bum down in front of the magazine rack and is leafing through a Monster High and a Scooby Doo magazine, pay for the book that I had chosen and as I’m doing so, the boy rips a shelf talker off the checkout display and totally destroys it.

Good grief….

I hand the pieces to the cashier, apologize and make like the wind and break.
We head to Old Navy as fast as our daughter’s legs will move and as I’m looking for Daddy’s size, the lad pulls a stack of jeans off the shelf and onto himself. Our daughter is running around the racks playing hide and seek and laughing maniacally while the other shopper’s deke out of her way. I pick up the stack, grab a couple pairs of shorts that may or may not be the right size, and B-Line it for the checkout.

Last stop, card store.

We race to the other side of the mall and find the Father’s Day card section.
I manoeuvre the stroller so that it’s right in the middle of the aisle, and to my delight, little guy can reach both sides.

Hmmm…which side to choose? The highly breakable side containing ceramic and glass ornaments, or the rack of cards. I choose the latter. Possibly the safest (and cheapest) choice if Armageddon ensues.

I must say, that when it comes to card shopping, I make really good choices and can do so quite quickly. But not as fast as our son, who had now pulled several cards out and is on the verge of destroying them. I pry the wee lass away from her Show & Tell of the “sound” cards to the fellow patrons and we get through the checkout without too much trouble. Only a few items grabbed and replaced.

It’s now nap time as the Spazzometer starts to go off!


Screaming through the mall, past the play area, where the volume increases because we don’t stop, we get back to the van.

Little Dude doesn’t want to get into his seat. He protests by performing his best impression of a 2×4, and won’t bend in the middle so I can click him into his seat belt. He slides down the seat and as I hoist him back in, I bonk his head into the ceiling of the van causing even more yelling and crying.


When he takes a breath and relaxes, I am able to get him restrained in his moment of weakness.

The 15 minute drive home feels like half an hour from the screaming going on. But our daughter merrily sings along to the radio, completely tuning out her brother.
We get home, put the lad in his bed, I finally sit down for a minute and….

“Mom! Done! I went poo!

Aaaahhhh…the life of a parent to young kids.

Happy Father’s Day, Dear! I hope you like your presents.