Slow Cooking

‘Tis the season to bring out the slow cookers, (if you haven’t already been using them all summer to keep the heat down in your home).

Slow cooker

Slow Cooker

The kids are back at school, the parents are back at work, Fall sports have begun, number of hours in a day seem to be less. And chances are, you are now making dinner in a mad frenzy and probably not making super healthy choices when it comes time to feed the family.

Dinner time stress

Dinnertime stress!

Slow cooking is a great way to avoid dinnertime disasters and hitting up the nearest drive-thru. You toss everything into the slow cooker before you head out to work in the morning and by the time you get home, dinner is ready to go. Some recipes will require that you precook part of the ingredients prior to putting putting them in the pot, but if you give yourself a little extra time in the morning to do this step, or even the night before, you shouldn’t run into any trouble when you’re trying to get the family out the door in the morning.

Take time to enjoy dinner

Family dinner time.

There are loads of cookbooks and websites that you can check out to find recipes that suit your lifestyle and diet.

Here are a few websites to get you started:

Have fun, eat well and keep dinnertime stress-free:)