A place where the kids can go crazy!

If you have small kids, chances are you need a place to take them so that they can burn off the energy that they’ve drained from you and hopefully tire themselves out just in time for nap time or bed time. The experts say that kids need at least 60 minutes of exercise or active play every day.

Motoring Munchkins

Motoring Munchkins

There are several options available: organized activities or classes, the play area at the mall, open gym time at the local recreation centre, an indoor play centre, the playground (on nicer days) or maybe you have an awesome play room that the kids can go to town in and have some friends over to play with.


Trampoline, a favourite of ours.

At the playground.

At the playground.

We love to check out new places to go get our ya ya’s out. The kids can burn off energy in a safe environment and also make some new friends to play with.

And maybe, just maybe…Mom will start chatting with a fellow Mom, and a friendship will brew over our half cold coffees.

Where do you and the kids like to frequent?



Preschool, a great place to make new friends!



We are now 3 weeks into preschool, and our little lady is loving it! No really, she can’t wait to go back and see her friends and play.

Every day she comes home to tell us that she loves her new friends and that she shared her snack with them.

Not only is she making new friends, but I’m making new friends too! Hanging with the Mommies after class in the playground, you can’t help but start chatting. It’s truly a wonderful thing when, not only the kids connect, but the Mommies do too.

Mommy park Chat

Mommy Friends

We’ve already been invited to a Halloween party and in turn our wee lass has invited her friends to her upcoming 4th Birthday party.

Sweetly enough, these little fellas are both calling her their “girlfriend”:)

Kids kissing

Loves Young Dream

First Day Of Preschool!


1st day of preschool!

We had had a lazy summer where we’d sleep in past 8am, so this morning, we had to be up by 7am to allow enough time to get the grumpies out, eat breakfast, get ready and get to school on time. When we arrived, she found the cubby hole with her name on it. She did. Not Mom and Dad, but her! She recognized her own name! Insert Proud Parent Moment here. We put her gear in there and got her into her brand new indoor shoes that lit up when you banged them. Entering the classroom, she B-lined it right to the sandbox and started playing with the little girl already at the station. I checked with her teacher to see if there was anything that we were to do and she told us “No.” So we went over to her, gave her hugs and kisses, told her to have a good day and we’d be back to get her soon. She said OK and went back to playing. Easy peasey, lemon squeezy, right? Well, as soon as we got out the door, my eyes started to fill up and tears started to flow. They weren’t sad tears, but proud tears. I realized at that point, that the work I had done over the past 4 years preparing our little girl to be independent, get along with others, and OK with us not being there with her, was now coming to fruition.

When her little brother was born last year, she had a hard time adjusting to having to share Mommy and Daddy with someone else. In her eyes, she now had competition for our affection and attention. Not being the centre of attention herself anymore, was now grounds for a whole new attitude. Temper tantrums, picking on her brother, not sharing, and being impatient, were some new challenges that we had to endure. And our daily schedule had to revolve around her little brothers’s time schedule.

Well now is her time!

This amazing young lady has taken her first steps at independence. She gets to be on her own in a new and stimulating environment, make new friends and she’ll learn some new stuff that I can’t show her.

When I came back to pick her up, I arrived a little early and was able to observe her interacting in the group. She was totally engaged and including the rest of the class. When it was time to go, she saw me and came and gave me a huge hug and told me what fun she had had at school. I could tell from the green sand stuck to her face and the purple marker under her nose, that there was no doubt that she had fun. Unfortunately her snack bag had barely been touched, but when you’re that busy, who has time to eat! A bad habit I formed when I was still working.


New friend at the sandbox.

So here we are, our little girl growing up right before our eyes. Little Miss Independent has started going to school and as my husband keeps telling me, “She couldn’t have done it without you.”

Cue steamy eyes now.