A delicious “Gnu”tritious drink the kids will love! {Giveaway} #simplyhealthykids

As parents, we all know that sometimes it can be a real battle getting our kids to eat nutritious foods.

Produce protest!

Produce protest!

My littles fight me every meal when I try to get them to each their fruits and veggies.

I’ve tried being sneaky with my meals by adding purées and making smoothies, but the littles use their “produce-dar” and can detect any minute amount of the “good stuff”, and turn their noses up at it.

Now that our daughter is starting Kindergarten this year, I now have the task of coming up with nutritious snacks and lunches that she will eat.


Locally based out of Vancouver, Gnubees by GnuSante are delicious nutritious beverages made from 100% non-GMO, nut-free and Kosher certified products. Each nutritiously balanced pouch contains 15% of all recommended vitamins and minerals, plus 7 grams of protein and 5 grams of fibre. They are also low in GI (glycemic index) and each serving contains all 9 amino acids that children require for development.

They come in three super yummy flavours; Rockin’ Raspberrita, Orange You Glad?, and Go Bananas! And the great thing is that they are sweetened with honey, so your kidlets won’t experience the sugar high and crash that many snacks create.

Our wee lad is partial to the Go Bananas!


You can enjoy Gnubees straight from the pouch (they are especially yummy when they are chilled!) or add them to a favourite recipe to up the nutritional content and bring some pizzazz to the flavour!


Until September 30th, 2014, you can enter to WIN a one month supply of Gnubees, valued at $95!

You may enter the following ways:

Go to http://www.gnusante.com/simply-healthy-kids and via the Rafflecopter link below.

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