When all you need is a little Mommy Time. #HalfmoonYogaProducts#YMCCommunity

Your day starts with the little one waking earlier than normal.

Your eldest wakes up grumpier than Mr. Fredricksen from the movie Up.

Breakfast gets burnt, you’ve run out of coffee, the dog chewed up the morning paper, then peed on it.

The kids get dropped off late at school, traffic is a bear and you spill your cup of “lunch room” coffee, that tastes like it was made with toilet water, down the front of your shirt.

At lunch, you discover the staff fridge thief has stolen your lunch and you’ve left your wallet at home.

At dinner time, the kids are fighting at the table and won’t eat a single bite of the dinner that you’ve prepared.

Bedtime is a struggle because, “Mom, I hafta pee!” and “I need a drink of water!”

Finally, the house is quiet, and you get to put your feet up and let the stresses of the day just melt away.

You have a hot bath, pull on your snuggly wuggly housecoat, make a cup of your favourite tea, and lay back on the couch and inspire your inner tranquility.

A fabulous accessory to help clear your mind and soothe your soul, is the Silk Eye Pillow from Halfmoon Yoga Products. This lovely little pillow is covered in a soft Dupioni Silk and comes scented or unscented.

When this Mama needs a little “me time” to shake off the day and centre myself, I just close my eyes and drift away into peacefulness.

What do you do when you need a little Mommy Time?

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