School makes me a better Mum! #YMCCommunity

I love my kids, I truly do…

But having my Kindergartener home, instead of being in her first year of formal education, is wearing this Mum pretty thin.

This will not be a post discussing the ongoing dispute between the government of BC and the BC Teacher’s Union, it is about how I am filling the shoes of our daughter’s first Elementary School teacher and how I am dealing with it.

I am doing my best teaching her via curriculum books that we have purchased, but if I was supposed to be a teacher, I would have gone to school to be one.

Classmates come in all shapes and sizes.

Classmates come in all shapes and sizes.

I want her to be in a classroom with her peers, learning appropriate subjects, learning to read, learning to share, learning to take turns, play in a group as well as independently, getting in the allotted physical activities that she requires, discovering new things, using her imagination and learning to take instruction from her teacher.

I could do these things with her, but I find that my time, capabilities and patience are stretched thinly because she has a younger brother whose needs differ from hers.

In a nutshell, she is bored. She needs to be challenged and she needs to be encouraged outside of our home.

I look forward to making her first school lunch, getting her first school and class photos taken, attending her first school assembly, participating in her first fire drill, and bringing home her first batch of homework.

Let’s hope the school year begins soon…for our children’s sake.

And also for this Mum’s sanity.

Give me strength!

Give me strength!