30 Minutes, just for me. {Series} Week 9


Well, here I am, Week 9.

I’m sad to say that the fat lady has sung for me:(

I have realized that my family’s schedule conflicts too much for me to continue with my plan for 30 Minute Hit. With hubby away for work so much and Little Dude not wanting to hang out by himself in the “kiddie corral”, I have not made it into the gym for 2 weeks and now we’re on holidays for another week.

I will honestly say that I completely enjoyed working out with the team of trainers at 30 Minute Hit New Westminster and I highly recommend the company for any ladies who are looking for an intense yet fulfilling workout. It’s only 30 minutes, but you feel like you’ve been there for longer.

If you’d like to try the FREE trial session, just fill out the online form and they will get in touch with you to set up a time.

Again, I am so sad to have to give this up, but maybe when our schedules align better, I’ll be able to get back in a kick Bob’s butt!


30 Minutes, just for me. {Series} Week 8

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

Blargh! Where did the last week go?

Between field trips, Halloween, Daddy Travel, a seriously ill family member and complete energy drainage from caring for 2 littles all day, I never made it in to the gym:(

Not once.

I hate myself. I feel like I’m letting people down, including myself.

My mind has been racing. I’ve been juggling too many thoughts and I’m exhausted.

Now the Little Dude and I both have colds.

I still want to go to 30 Minute Hit. It’s a great workout, it’s nearby and it’s a comfortable environment.

This is my own failure, and I have to smarten up and make a better commitment otherwise I won’t see the results that I want.

Here’s hoping for a better week. I want to succeed!

Strong. Healthy. Beautiful.

Strong. Healthy. Beautiful.

Still thinking about it? Sign up for a FREE trial session and see for yourself:)

30 Minutes, just for me. {Series} Week 1

30 Minute Hit

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

So I’ve made it through my first week at 30 Minute Hit  and I’m still enjoying it!

I made it in 4 times over the past week and I’m feeling phenomenal! The first session that I went to was tough. Starting out with a new fitness routine, your body starts using muscles that you obviously haven’t been paying too much attention too before.

My arms, calves, and hamstrings were screaming the most, but settled into it after my second session. The more I went, the easier it became. I also had the privilege of meeting more of the trainers, who were just as fantastic and supportive as Stacey has been. My sister has even signed up for the FREE Trial Session.

Week 1 (front)

Week 1 (front)

Week 1 (side)

Week 1 (side)


Here’s me being brave and sharing my 1st images for my journey.

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer

Throughout the month of October, members are invited to participate, as 30 Minute Hit Kicks the *&%! Out of Cancer , honoring or remembering their mother, sister, aunt, cousin, grandmother, friend etc. With every jab, cross, front kick and uppercut, their members will help to uncover the cure for women’s cancer through the number of times they complete the 30 Minute Hit Circuit in the month of October.

I will be sporting pink throughout the month honoring my own friends and family who have suffered this terrible disease.

30 Minutes, just for me. {Series}

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

Like a lot of new Moms, getting the baby weight off is a concern we have. What’s the best way to do it and how long will it take? Which gym or fitness class works around my baby’s new schedule? Can I bring my baby with me? A few years ago, after our daughter was born and I was looking into different fitness clubs and programs, I discovered 30 Minute Hit New Westminster.They offer a FREE trial class, so my girlfriend and I signed up. Stacey and Brett, the owners, were great! They were super friendly, made us feel comfortable and guided us through the entire 30 minute circuit. When we were done, we were tired, but it felt great! I wanted to sign up, but I knew that I’d be planning on getting pregnant again in the next few months, so I decided to hold off. When our son was born last year, I couldn’t wait to start exercising again. I did some spinning, and also started running, but the spin classes didn’t offer childminding and I didn’t own a suitable jogging stroller, so exercising while I was looking after the kids, wasn’t an option for me. Remembering back to the session I did at 30 Minute Hit , I thought that maybe now would be a great time for me to try it out again! My daughter is now in preschool several times a week in the morning so I would only have my son with me. They have, what I refer to as, a “kiddie corral”, so my now 1yo can play for the 30 minutes it’ll take me to do the circuit. And if he needs my attention, I can pop over to him and any point and tend to him.

The “kiddie corral”.

The circuit takes only 30 minutes to do and consists of fifteen, 2 minute stations. You alternate between ab, leg and arm workouts as you progress through the circuit, with a stretch station at the end once you’ve finished. When you sign up, your one time membership fee includes a new pair of leather boxing gloves with the 30 Minute Hit logo on it, and your monthly fees give you unlimited use of the circuit. This means, you can start out at an easy pace by going a couple times a week, and as your endurance improves, you could go more often. They are open 7 days a week, with 2 time slots on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and evenings, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Saturday mornings and Sundays being reserved for boot camps.

My new leather gloves.

You must have an “indoor only” pair of runners, but you can go barefoot. Make sure you bring a LARGE water bottle (’cause you’ll need it) and a towel that is just large enough to lay on. Also, tie you hair back tightly because there isn’t enough time between intervals to fix your do! I learned this the hard way. I have been given the greatest opportunity to work with 30 Minute Hit New Westminster for the next 6 months! I will be training with them 3-5X per week and reporting on my progress, how I’m feeling and sharing photos of my transformation along the way. I am so excited to have been chosen to promote 30 Minute Hit New Westminster! I hope you stay and follow me along my journey over the next 6 months:)

“Bob” doesn’t stand a chance!