Playing games…an art form mastered by many. #AboutUsGames

I love a good Ladies Night.

When you spend all day, every day with two kids who aren’t school age, a night off is a truly appreciated break.
Gather together your best girlfriends, spread out some delectable nibblies, and pour a glass, or several of your favourite “Mommy Juice”.
Instead of sitting around and clucking about the woes that your week had brought or complaining about your kids or husband, why not make it a game night?
When was the last time you played games (not the mind kind) with your gal pals?
About Us Games, has created a game just for Grown Up Girls.

In this game, you must answer questions related to the grown up female species. It combines guesswork with good-old fashioned retail therapy. And what grown up girl doesn’t love a little retail therapy?
Expect to pee your pants from laughter while enjoying some quality time with the ladies when you include About Us Games Grown Up Girls Edition to your next Ladies Night.
Chances are, you’ll learn something that you never knew before and you’ll be able to channel your inner Cliff Claven at your next social engagement.20140420-214936.jpg