An unexpected and pleasant surprise! #YMCCommunity

The other week, hubby and I decided to take the littles for a walk to the home improvement store.

This would normally be a half hour errand if flying solo, but when the kidlets are in tow, this stretches out to be a painful 2-1/2 hour mission.


Hubby decided that the wee Dude should walk along with the rest of us, but I knew better.

Mom’s intuition is ALWAYS right!

I brought the stroller.

Our 4-1/2 yo can barely walk two blocks without complaining about being tired, so I knew that Captain Dawdlepants definitely wouldn’t make the entire journey on foot.

Needless to say, after a half a dozen blocks of constant stopping to check out bugs, attempts to walk off the sidewalk into the street and turning around to run back towards home, Daddy strapped the little man into the stroller and we were on route to our intended destination.

As we meandered through the neighbourhood, a fire truck from the local fire hall drove past us.

Our little guy is nuts about fire trucks! He calls them all “Flynn” like the fire truck from Thomas the Train Engine. So when he saw the truck, his head practically exploded from excitement!

We picked up our pace to try to see it pulling into the station, but we weren’t quick enough as it had already pulled into the back for a wash down. So we went and peered through the window of the bay door for a quick look-see.


As we were admiring the big red trucks through the glass, one of the fire fighters noticed us and headed our way. Sure that we were going to get asked to leave, the bay door opened up and we were cordially invited in!

The fireman took us to the back to see the truck that was just brought in and was now getting freshened up. He then took us over it the BIG truck in the neighbouring bay, and to the delight of our offspring, opened the driver’s door and let the mites hop inside! They even got to turn on the flashing lights, which sent them into whole new dimension of glee.

When the weelets brains could no longer handle so much awesomeness, we graciously thanked the firefighters for taking the time to visit with us and show us their trucks. They invited us to come back anytime to visit and show us more of the fire hall.

Were you aware that you can visit the fire hall and have a tour of the trucks and chat with the firefighters? If you’re interested, just be courteous and call ahead, they are more than happy to show you around.

You will probably make some small people very VERY happy if you did!