Bring the sexy back by flaunting your inner fireman. #RoomToMoveDanceAndFitness #YMCCommunity

After becoming a Mom over four years ago, my wardrobe has gone from boring, to plain old frumpy.

My world revolves around my kids and my priorities have changed in respect to my shopping. I now buy groceries or clothing for my ever-growing kids, but I seldom get anything for myself.

My “Mom Uniform” consists of yoga pants, a camisole, a t-shirt, a hoodie and my Bobs or a pair of flip flops, depending on the weather.


Definitely not a look of sexiness.

For the past few months, I have been exercising religiously in preparation for my 20 year high school reunion. I’m noticing some great results, and am actually feeling a lot better about myself and finding that my clothes are looking and feeling better on me.

That being said…I’ve also gained a new confidence that never existed before. I’m less afraid of trying new things that I previously would have been too shy to try out in fear of drawing attention to myself.

So, I decided to try out a pole dancing class!

The class was called Stiletto Sexy. And yes, you do wear stilettos and yes, you do look sexy.

In the class you not only learn how to pole dance, but you are also shown how to dance with a chair.

Chair Dance

If you think of the movie Striptease with Demi Moore, this is exactly what you would expect.

The unbuttoning of shirts, the removal of ties, and the body moves that would drive any grown man crazy! We learned how to walk, twirl around poles, and move as though we were the sexiest creatures in the world.

I failed to bring my “sexy stilettos”, so I was the lone gunman squeaking around in bare feet. Not nearly as glamourous, but definitely better than the clomping elephant that I would have been since I seldom EVER wear heels.

Walking badly in heels

Scroll above to see “Mom Uniform”.

Next we moved onto the poles.

Again, more sexy walking, but then we got to do some twirling.

I was pretty surprised that I was able to keep myself suspended as I spun around. It’s all in the technique.

Pole Dance

At the end of the evening, I definitely felt muscles that I hadn’t felt before. This certainly told me that this is a full body exercise and that if done regularly, one would definitely get pretty fit.

Since this fitness class is all about moving like a burlesque dancer, chances are your spouse would gladly pay for you to take it, providing you practiced A LOT at home.

Room to Move Dance and Fitness is a specialty fitness studio, offering pole dance, unique fitness classes and fun dance workouts for women. They specialize in pole fitness, (pole dance, or vertical fitness if you like), but also offer a wide range of other types of fitness & dance classes. 


Group nursing rooms in public places. #YMCCommunity

Have you ever been at the mall and gone to the “Parent Room” to nurse your baby, only to find that it’s occupied?




You’re boobs are about to explode and baby is wailing away wanting to eat “RIGHT NOW!”

But you wait patiently because if you were the Mom in the room, feeding or changing your baby, you wouldn’t want someone banging on the door telling you to hurry up. Well…hopefully you are kind enough to wait patiently, but we all know that it’s a stressful situation and you just want to get it started.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a “group” Nursing Room available in public places like Shopping Centres, Airports, Stadiums, Parks, etc?

There are a few places in the world that do cater to the breast feeding mama’s of the world, but I’d love to see more support for these lovely ladies.

Baby Care Centre at Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 1

Baby Care Centre at Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 1

Burlington International Airport even has Mamava’s Lactation Station, where you can privately nurse your baby or pump if needed.

Mamava Nursing Station

Mamava Nursing Station

Mamava station inside.

Mamava Nursing Station inside.

Even if they set up a large room with several chairs, change tables and outlets so the Mommy’s could get down to business in a comfortable environment.

I stumbled across the  MimmaMà Breastfeeding Armchair while I was looking around for images and info for this post.

MimmaMa Breastfeeding Chair

MimmaMa Breastfeeding Chair

These chairs can be mounted on a base so that there are several in a row.

Reception style.

Reception style.

This would be a great idea for businesses to set up in a Nursing Room. They could accommodate several Moms at one time and potentially draw more business to them because  they would be showing their support of breast feeding mothers.
I remember when I was breast feeding, I just wanted somewhere to sit down, comfortably, privately (well at least out of the eye of others who weren’t doing the same job that I was doing), and because I was also pumping, it would have been awesome to, once we were done feeding, pump the rest for later as to not disrupt the schedule that I’d set up with my body. And if there were other Moms around me doing the same thing, I think there would have been more of a sense of support within the room.
A girlfriend of mine is currently living in the U.K. and she shares daily, the looks of disgust that she gets because she’s nursing her baby in public.
The look.

The look.

 Don’t get me wrong, I was comfortable breast feeding in public. I used a nursing cover, but found that it was so annoying when my babies move about and flailed their arms and in the summer, it got very hot under the cover. This idea is for the Mom who would rather have a little sanctuary when she wants to feed her baby.

When I was a first time Mom, I was shy about nursing in public, but when baby #2 came along, it wasn’t such a big deal anymore. It makes me think of this great diaper ad.