My Quest for Happiness…Day 3 #100DaysOfGratitude #YMCCommunity

This morning I woke up with a million things going through my mind…

Wide awake in bed

As most Moms do, my To-Do List was being written as I lay in bed, an hour before I really need to get up. My body was still tired, but my brain was saying, “Up and at ’em, sister!” Funny enough, I actually felt rested.

My back has been bothering me for the past several days, so my regular working out has been way-layed and the Halloween candy bowl keeps whispering to me, “You must eat me so the kids don’t!” I’ve been pretty religious about pitching a handful or so of the naughty snacks everyday, so the misery will end sooner.

As soon as I’m feeling 90% better! I will be activating my GoodLife Fitness membership and get this ass in gear. We have a tropical vaycay planned for Easter and I’d like my tan lines not to include a line where my shorts end.

Photo credit: Girl Next Door Fashion

Photo credit: Girl Next Door Fashion

So for today’s gratitude, I give you these:

1) I am grateful for my comfy bed.

*it is here that my body is most comfortable and I get my best thinking done.

2) I am grateful for my motivation to get exercise and be fit.

*the members of my Facebook Fitness Group would call me a hypocrite if I only posted motivation for others without committing to it myself.

3) I am grateful for laundry detergent.

* you make my world right again by eliminating the funky stank that permeates my workout gear.

This post was written as a part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.

30 Minutes, just for me. {Series} Week 8

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

Blargh! Where did the last week go?

Between field trips, Halloween, Daddy Travel, a seriously ill family member and complete energy drainage from caring for 2 littles all day, I never made it in to the gym:(

Not once.

I hate myself. I feel like I’m letting people down, including myself.

My mind has been racing. I’ve been juggling too many thoughts and I’m exhausted.

Now the Little Dude and I both have colds.

I still want to go to 30 Minute Hit. It’s a great workout, it’s nearby and it’s a comfortable environment.

This is my own failure, and I have to smarten up and make a better commitment otherwise I won’t see the results that I want.

Here’s hoping for a better week. I want to succeed!

Strong. Healthy. Beautiful.

Strong. Healthy. Beautiful.

Still thinking about it? Sign up for a FREE trial session and see for yourself:)

30 Minutes, just for me. {Series} Week 6

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

This week was a pretty good week. I used the new techniques that Brett showed me and I am already feeling that different muscles have been used and my arms aren’t so tired. My speed has increased and my endurance has improved. I asked Brett how long you should work at each level before proceding onto the next and he said that it’s a good idea to stick to one level for a few months, just change your technique.

I feel so comfortable going to workout at 30 Minute Hit, not only are the trainers are so friendly and motivating, but the ladies that workout there are as well. They are there for a great workout, but they’ll also chat with you. Sure you’re tired when you finish, but it’s a good tired. And these ladies are always smiling when they are done. Nothing makes me happier than taking out the days frustration out on “Bob”. I can push myself hard, hit hard, and when I’m done, I feel refreshed and my mind has cleared. And only took 30 minutes out of my day, so I can get back home in time to tuck the wee lass and lad into bed.

You're gonna get it, Bob!

You’re gonna get it, Bob!

Have you signed up for your FREE Trial Session yet?

Don’t forget, 30 Minute Hit is raising funds for the moth of October with “Kick the *&%! Out of Cancer“! Please make a donation and help them reach there goal of $130,000.

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer


30 Minutes, just for me. {Series} Week 5

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

Great start to the week, managed to get 2 workouts in in a row!

Hubby had to go away for work again for a few days, so that was it for the week.

But I did manage to get a run in at the end of the week, so that kept my motivation up.

30 Minute Hit has a new “gear down” section for the upcoming rainy season. Take your wet stuff off here ’cause if you step on the mats with your “outside shoes” Bob’s gonna kick your butt!!!

Take your outside shoes off!!

Take your outside shoes off!!

There is a bulletin board that’ll keep you motivated too. Stretching tips to keep you from hurting the next day, or as I find, day 1-1/2. Find them on Facebook for updates and motivation from the trainers. They have yummy, healthy recipes on Pinterest. And every month they have a “Member of the Month”.

Facebook & Pinterest

Facebook & Pinterest

If you have a wee ninja en route, you can still workout too! Just talk to one of the trainers and they’ll help you modify your workout so that you’re still doing a great job while staying safe and comfortable.

Lil' Ninja In Your Belly?

Lil’ Ninja In Your Belly?

Right beside the door, on your way out, there is a sign that reads: “10 Reasons Why You Should Do the 30 Minute Hit”

Here’s what it says:

10 Reasons why YOU should do the “30 Minute Hit!”

1. The “30 Minute Hit” is a non-intimidating and friendly program.

2. Women of all fitness levels will find it very challenging.

3. It is an intense cardiovascular workout designed to burn fat!

4. It will help to tone your body and strengthen your core.

5. The circuit will teach you valuable self defence skills.

6. Hitting and kicking the bags is a great stress relief.

7. It is entirely possible to burn 500 plus calories in the half hour.

8. With no set start times it is a very convenient workout.

9. Certified personal trainers will be on the training floor at all times.

10. The “30 Minute Hit” will leave you feeling empowered and energized.

What a great message to send out!

If you are too intimidated to go at it alone, grab your best girlfriend and do it together. You’ll motivate each other, maybe challenge each other, and if you’re bringing your babies along, you can trade off on the child minding so each of you can get a good workout in without worrying about how your little one is doing.

photo credit: Tenth to the Fraser

photo credit: Tenth to the Fraser

I was finally able to sit down with Brett and Stacey this weekend too to go over my game plan. Brett showed me some techniques to try out that will help my workout be the best that it can be. I think this will help my arms from falling off my body by the end of my workout.

Brett & Stacey Firth

Brett & Stacey Firth

Why not try out 30 Minute Hit for yourself? Sign up for a FREE Trial Session.

Don’t forget, 30 Minute Hit is raising funds for the moth of October with “Kick the *&%! Out of Cancer“! Please make a donation and help them reach there goal of $130,000.

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer