Getting fit with kids in tow.

Now that I’m done having kids, I seriously want to get into shape.

I'm not happy with this.

I’m not happy with this.

I am a full time Stay-At-Home-Mom. My kids go where I go, so I need to include one, if not both of my kids into my workout schedule.

Fortunately our eldest goes to preschool three times a week for a few hours, but that still leaves me with our 1 year old to hang out with. He’s started to drop the morning nap, so now I can take him with me for workouts.

Now I just need to find something that will allow me to workout while he’s with me.

I know the rec centre has child minding, so that is an option. There are also some studios that offer it as well. I tried a facility that has an area for the wee ones to hang out in by themselves, but Captain Clingy wanted nothing to do with that.

I’m thinking that I need to pick up a jogging stroller. I can take the wee man along with me, he doesn’t weigh too much yet and running is FREE. On the down side, I’ll have the weather to contend with. Now that Old Man Winter is approaching, we’ll have to deal with the cold, rain, ice and possibly snow. Could get treacherous. I wonder if there are indoor tracks to go to?

My new jogging partner.

My new jogging partner.

I suppose I could also pick up a fitness DVD and do workouts at home, but our space is the size of a closet and I think that if I fire up the Jillian Michael’s Kickboxing DVD that’s been collecting dust on the shelf, I’ll either kick my son clear across the room or end up with my foot firmly planted in the TV. Maybe I’ll pick up these 10 Minute Solution DVD’s that I just came across. There’s bound to be something in there that’ll work for me.

10 Minute Solution

How do you stay fit whilst caring for your young ones?

30 Minutes, just for me. {Series} Week 6

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

This week was a pretty good week. I used the new techniques that Brett showed me and I am already feeling that different muscles have been used and my arms aren’t so tired. My speed has increased and my endurance has improved. I asked Brett how long you should work at each level before proceding onto the next and he said that it’s a good idea to stick to one level for a few months, just change your technique.

I feel so comfortable going to workout at 30 Minute Hit, not only are the trainers are so friendly and motivating, but the ladies that workout there are as well. They are there for a great workout, but they’ll also chat with you. Sure you’re tired when you finish, but it’s a good tired. And these ladies are always smiling when they are done. Nothing makes me happier than taking out the days frustration out on “Bob”. I can push myself hard, hit hard, and when I’m done, I feel refreshed and my mind has cleared. And only took 30 minutes out of my day, so I can get back home in time to tuck the wee lass and lad into bed.

You're gonna get it, Bob!

You’re gonna get it, Bob!

Have you signed up for your FREE Trial Session yet?

Don’t forget, 30 Minute Hit is raising funds for the moth of October with “Kick the *&%! Out of Cancer“! Please make a donation and help them reach there goal of $130,000.

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer


30 Minutes, just for me. {Series} Week 3

30 Minute Hit New West minster

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

I’m 3 weeks in now and feeling AWESOME!!

I managed to get 3 days in this week. Hubby’s been traveling again for work, so that’s all I could manage this week. Little Dude’s not a huge fan of Mommy kicking some butt while he hangs out by himself, so I haven’t been able to take advantage of the kiddie corral as of yet. I think on a non-preschool day, I’ll attempt it again with my almost 4yo as well, so she can keep the wee lad occupied and distracted.

The 3 days that I did manage were sweaty, butt-kicking sessions. Every time I went in, the trainers made sure that I was working my hardest and even pushing me harder, so that I was getting the best workout possible. Stacey, Beau and Alayna were super supportive and motivating this week and I look forward to meeting and being pushed the other awesome trainers at my future workouts.

Let me introduce you to the trainers at 30 Minute Hit New Westminster. There is Beau, Monika, Kalia, Danie, Danielle, Alayna, Brett, Stacey, Katherine, and Nik B. And be assured, all of them will do their best to ensure that you have the best workout possible:)

I also found out that you can “Hit Hop”. You can visit other locations of 30 Minute Hit if you’d like to. Say you’re traveling out of town or maybe you just wanted to check out one of the other local studios, all you have to do is sign the waiver at that particular location and you can go right ahead and kick “Bob’s” butt. This is AWESOME news if you are planning on being away from home, but still want to get your workout in!!



Don’t forget, for the month of October, 30 Minute Hit is raising funds to Kick the *&%! Out of Cancer, so if you’d like to make a donation, please click on the link and help them get to their goal of $130,000.

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer

30 Minutes, just for me. {Series} Week 2

30 Minute Hit

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

So here I am, just completed week 2 .

This week was a bad week for me:( Hubby was away for work and I was solo Mom for the beginning of the week. So, I didn’t make it in for a workout until Tuesday night. It was a great workout and I seriously got my sweat on! Bob was no match for me.



Then, two nights in a row of evening meetings, took away my workout nights. LAME!!

Come Friday night, my girlfriend and I head out of town for my very 1st EVER, weekend away from the kiddos! This was a much needed break for me as I have never ever had a night away from the kids since my daughter was born 4 years ago!

Needless to say, poor commitment by me this past week. But sometimes life throws a wrench in your best laid plans. I promise myself to do a better job this week and kick Bob’s butt more than once;)

Don’t forget, 30 Minute Hit is raising funds to Kick the *&%! Out Of Cancer, so please follow the link and make a donation in support of the BC Cancer Foundation.

Kick the *&%! out of Cancer

Kick the *&%! Out of Cancer

30 Minutes, just for me. {Series}

30 Minute Hit New Westminster

Like a lot of new Moms, getting the baby weight off is a concern we have. What’s the best way to do it and how long will it take? Which gym or fitness class works around my baby’s new schedule? Can I bring my baby with me? A few years ago, after our daughter was born and I was looking into different fitness clubs and programs, I discovered 30 Minute Hit New Westminster.They offer a FREE trial class, so my girlfriend and I signed up. Stacey and Brett, the owners, were great! They were super friendly, made us feel comfortable and guided us through the entire 30 minute circuit. When we were done, we were tired, but it felt great! I wanted to sign up, but I knew that I’d be planning on getting pregnant again in the next few months, so I decided to hold off. When our son was born last year, I couldn’t wait to start exercising again. I did some spinning, and also started running, but the spin classes didn’t offer childminding and I didn’t own a suitable jogging stroller, so exercising while I was looking after the kids, wasn’t an option for me. Remembering back to the session I did at 30 Minute Hit , I thought that maybe now would be a great time for me to try it out again! My daughter is now in preschool several times a week in the morning so I would only have my son with me. They have, what I refer to as, a “kiddie corral”, so my now 1yo can play for the 30 minutes it’ll take me to do the circuit. And if he needs my attention, I can pop over to him and any point and tend to him.

The “kiddie corral”.

The circuit takes only 30 minutes to do and consists of fifteen, 2 minute stations. You alternate between ab, leg and arm workouts as you progress through the circuit, with a stretch station at the end once you’ve finished. When you sign up, your one time membership fee includes a new pair of leather boxing gloves with the 30 Minute Hit logo on it, and your monthly fees give you unlimited use of the circuit. This means, you can start out at an easy pace by going a couple times a week, and as your endurance improves, you could go more often. They are open 7 days a week, with 2 time slots on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and evenings, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Saturday mornings and Sundays being reserved for boot camps.

My new leather gloves.

You must have an “indoor only” pair of runners, but you can go barefoot. Make sure you bring a LARGE water bottle (’cause you’ll need it) and a towel that is just large enough to lay on. Also, tie you hair back tightly because there isn’t enough time between intervals to fix your do! I learned this the hard way. I have been given the greatest opportunity to work with 30 Minute Hit New Westminster for the next 6 months! I will be training with them 3-5X per week and reporting on my progress, how I’m feeling and sharing photos of my transformation along the way. I am so excited to have been chosen to promote 30 Minute Hit New Westminster! I hope you stay and follow me along my journey over the next 6 months:)

“Bob” doesn’t stand a chance!