Christmas Country-Style #TimberlineCountryChristmas

Last weekend we ventured out to Maple Ridge to check out Timberline Ranch’s Country Christmas.

It was a bit of a drive, but we were pleased that we made it out there.

Timberline Country Christmas

Upon our arrival, we were greeted and given ballots to vote on our favourite Christmas trees, decorated by local businesses, and our tickets for the pony rides.

Voting for their favourite trees


Our little lady picked the purple one (of course), the wee lad, chose the one with cars on it and Mum and Dad voted for the same one (’cause great minds think alike).

After voting, we popped into the bakery and helped the cow hands decorate some sugar cookies to look like snowmen. The kiddos did a great job of decorating!

Save some icing for the cookies!

Save some icing for the cookies!

We hopped aboard the wagon and ventured on up to the barn where the petting zoo, pony rides and hay maze were. The kids loved the goats, llama, ponies, cow and donkey!


Baby cow



The highlight of our visit was definitely the Pony Ride! Our daughter hadn’t been on a horse in quite a few years and Captain Awesome had never ridden one before.

Dude on a horse

Little lady on horseback

After running around through the Hay Maze, we hopped aboard the wagon again and drove around the property on our way back to the Lodge.

Once inside, we ventured downstairs and enjoyed the Snowball Room, the dress up photo ops, decorated a couple of ornaments and played a few games.

Tossing snowballs

Vintage costumes


Making ornaments


The kids had a really fantastic time and the cosy feeling you get being on a ranch, really gives you a different perspective on Christmas. It was quite nice getting away from the hustle, bustle and noise of the city and just enjoy some peace, quiet and tranquility.


Spend a day at the farm with the kids! {Giveaway} #MaplewoodFarm

Looking for things to do with the kids can be a real chore sometimes.

You want to keep them busy, entertained, burning off excess energy and generally having a good time.


The playgrounds can get repetitive and often so busy that it’s hard to keep a watchful eye when you have more than one kidlet in tow, especially ones in the “Toddler Years”! These little guys aren’t the best listeners, nor do they understand the concept of gravity. They like to follow in the big kids steps and when it involves climbing the spider-web-like apparatus, my spidey senses start to tingle and my heart races. I’m much more comfortable when we’re in an enclosed, ground level environment.

Climbing web

There is a variety of kid-friendly things to do in the Lower Mainland.



Maplewood Farm is a quaint little farm that kids love to visit.

The residents include some ponies, horses, cows, donkeys, sheep, bunnies, goats, chickens, goats, a parrot, turkeys, and a few other small birds.

North Vancouver-20140707-00343


You can purchase a bag of seed when you arrive and go feed the chickens, ducks and geese in the pond.

The resident parrot will greet you when you go say “Hello!”

North Vancouver-20140707-00294

There are several tractors scattered around the farm that the kiddos can hop on and take for a spin. Our little man managed to find EVERY single one of them, and spent a good five minutes sitting on them and pushing them around, but never really pedaling them ’cause his wee leg couldn’t reach the pedals.

North Vancouver-20140707-00311

North Vancouver-20140707-00307

North Vancouver-20140707-00310

North Vancouver-20140707-00312

North Vancouver-20140707-00314

Our favourite spot is visiting with the goats!

North Vancouver-20140707-00305

These guys are so friendly that they insist on being pet and will probably butt you in the leg or back side to get your attention. Watch your clothes and bags as they WILL start to munch on anything.

North Vancouver-20140707-00303

Little Dude kept asking for Hi-5’s from the goats and when reminded to pet them from “head to bum”, he proceeded to pet the goats bum (under the tail to my shock!).

North Vancouver-20140707-00300

The resident Jersey cow, Lima gets a milking in the afternoon and the farmer shows you how to do it or you could go out back and “milk” the demo cow.

North Vancouver-20140707-00297

North Vancouver-20140707-00325If you bring your own fresh veggies, you can go visit the bunnies and give them a delicious snack.

North Vancouver-20140707-00323

There is so much to see and do at Maplewood Farm that your kiddos will have a lot of fun! Bring a picnic lunch and stay all day, but please don’t share it with the farm animals! They have a special diet and could get sick. The signs posted around the farm will remind you, just in case you forget.

If you have an upcoming Birthday, Maplewood Farm has several party packages available, including one that involves a pony ride!

Maplewood Farm has generously provided Raincity Parent with a 1 year Family Membership to the farm ($126 value)! This giveaway runs from July 14th-20th,  2014 and is open to residents of the Lower Mainland, BC (Vancouver and surrounding areas) only. Please enter via the Rafflecopter link below. 

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