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Have you ever visited a chiropractor?


When I was young, I remember my Mum seeing her chiropractor regularly. I also recall seeing something on TV where the doctor was cracking someone’s neck so violently, that it scared the willies out of me.

I NEVER wanted to see a chiropractor.

Chiropractors are for back and neck pain, right? And I have never experienced either one.

I recently discovered that besides back/ neck pain and head aches, there are other ailments that can be addressed and may even be corrected by seeing a chiropractor. In fact, were you aware that ear infections, colic, asthma and even bed wetting in children are a few of these concerns?

Chiropractics for children

Typically adults are the ones going in for adjustments because they are suffering from some sort of pain related to their neck and back, but these problems could have originated, and possibly been corrected when they were children. A fall in their first year of life could be related to their discomfort as adults because they were not examined and/ or adjusted at a young age.

Strawberries and Sunshine Healing Centre

We paid a visit to Strawberries and Sunshine Healing Centre as a result of a question that I posed to my Mom Group.

“Has anyone experienced a regression to pants wetting by their preschooler?”

I asked this question because our daughter had begun to wet her pants on occasion and I wanted to know if it was a jealousy thing because she was getting less attention than her toddler brother. She starts Kindergarten in the Fall and I wanted to get this problem corrected as soon as possible.

One of the Moms suggested seeing a chiropractor.

I questioned how seeing a chiropractor would fix this. She suggested that it could be possible that our daughter’s brain and bladder weren’t communicating properly and this could be the cause of her pants wetting. Several other Moms in the group concurred with the initial response.

The Mom group that I’m a part of has a vast array of business professional Moms within it and Dr Nareeta Stephenson of Strawberries and Sunshine Healing Centre, just happens to be a part of this amazing group.

Dr. Nareeta is passionate about supporting families to find safe and natural health care options to help them live healthy, active lives. Using a holistic approach, including preventative care and lifestyle management, she focuses on improving patient wellness and quality of life, not just on treating symptoms. She is also devoted to helping kids with neurodevelopmental disorders, including ADD/ADHD, Autism, and learning disabilities.

Dr Nareeta discovered that our daughter has a shoulder and hip higher than the other and also has a few vertebrae that are out of alignment. She did some adjustments and our daughter’s mobility had some improvement. There was no discomfort during or after the adjustments. And that night, she had a fabulous sleep!

Our daughter has had two sessions so far with Dr Nareeta at Strawberries and Sunshine Healing Centre ,and so far, she hasn’t had a single pants wetting accident.