Planning a kids party doesn’t need to be stressful. #YMCCommunity

We just celebrated our son’s second Birthday.

Happy Birthday

It was a small event, but it was all that we needed.

There was food, toys, crafts and all the kids that attended where completely engaged. We didn’t go over the top with a theme, decorations or food, like all of the Pins that you can find on Pinterest, or a magnificent spread that would have impressed the Beckham’s, had they been invited.

We served pizza, fruits & veggies, some snack foods, juice boxes and water.

The masterpiece of the event was the cake made by Sugar’n’Spice & Everything Iced.

Sebastian's Bday Cake

What a gorgeous cake! And it was so moist and flavourful too!

The party was only for two hours, but that’s all kids need before they start to get tired and grumpy.

Up next will be our daughter’s fifth Birthday Party in October. This one will have an older group of kids, but keeping them entertained and fed is still paramount, we just need to make it more age appropriate.

Birthday Party

How do you find planning your children’s parties? Do you go over the top with planning, decor and food or do you go with the flow and keep costs down by being more simple and frugal?