Is there a remedy for verbal diarrhea? #YMCCommunity

Today we embarked on a road trip with the kidlets. We haven’t done this in a few months.
Before we even pull out of the underground parking, our daughter starts, “Mom! Blah blah blah!”
Yes, sweetie.
Two minutes later, “Mom! Blah blah blah!”
Yes, sweetie.
One minute later, “Mom! Blah blah blah!”

This continued for the entire five hour journey.
Not once did her sentences begin with “Dad!”
I’m sharing with you what took place today, but honestly, this is my everyday.
It used it drive me crazy, the incessant “Mom!”, followed by whatever juicy tidbit of information or question that she just had to share or find out about, but now, it makes me giggle.
Hubby’s patience hasn’t been honed just yet, but I keep engaging with her because I think it’s more important to do that than brush her off and tell her to shut up be quiet. I have a feeling that as she gets older, she’ll be able to talk to me openly about whatever she feels she needs to and especially when it comes to a difficult conversation. I don’t want her to be afraid to talk to me about the important things as well as the not so important things.
So today and everyday, I will await the sentences that begin with “Mom!” and love that she wants to talk about anything and everything with ME