Our first Christmas without Poppa.

A couple weeks ago, my stepdad passed away.



He suffered a stroke a few months ago, and had been in hospital since.

The kids and I were never able to make it in to the hospital to see him, however my husband visited twice.

My Mum and stepdad don’t live in town, so traveling with the 2 little ones, and having all been sick over a month stretch, I didn’t think that the hospital was a good environment for us to be in.

We did manage to get a Facetime chat in with him before he passed and while he was coherent, so we feel better being able to see him that way before he was gone.

We explained to our 4 yo that Poppa had died, but she doesn’t understand. She keeps telling Santa that for Christmas she wants Poppa to get better and come home. We remind her that he can’t anymore, but we know that she isn’t processing it.

I think the hardest part will be Christmas.

Mum is coming to town to spend Christmas with us and I know our daughter will ask where Poppa is.

We will all cry and explain it to her again, but that’s all we can do.

We need to be together, share our emotions and let it out. There is no shame in crying, it just shows that you’re human.

I think this will be a time for us to share our happy memories of him and help each other heal.

I found this article from Canadian Living and I think it will be helpful.