The Tooth Fairy cometh! #YMCCommunity

For the past several months, our daughter has watched as her friends started losing their baby teeth.

She has been pining and I think secretly wiggling her teeth in the hopes of one becoming loose enough.

Yesterday it happened. One of her bottom front chompers became loose!

She freaked out! “Mom! I taste blood!” And the tears began.

By the end of school, the tooth was super wiggly and bleeding more. She was panicking!

Within 5 minutes, one of her afterschool playmates came running over yelling at me, “Her tooth fell out!” And our little lady, tears streaming down her face and blood coming from her mouth, arrived at my side.

Losing her first tooth!

I wanted to do something different than just a Tooth Fairy pillow, like I had when I was a kid. It may have been more along the lines of…the failure of having the ability to channel my inner ninja after a glass or two of “the kids are finally asleep” wine, and not wanting to have to try to sneak into her room, get under her pillow and do the ol’ swapperoo without waking her.

Months ago, I bought all the pieces to create our own Tooth Fairy Door, but I thought that I had more time before we needed it. Apparently, time waits for no one, so last night I stayed up late painting and assembling it.

Taaa daaa!

Taaa daaa!

We’re ready for you Tooth Fairy!

So what’s the going rate for the Tooth Fairy these days? I’d love to see what you when your kiddos lose their teeth!