FRESH’s Top 30 Bloggers Event – June 17, 2015 #VMTop30

Last year, I was so honoured to be nominated to be one of’s Top 30 Mom Bloggers!

Photo credit: Images by Bethany

Photo credit: Images by Bethany

From this, I have had the opportunity to work with several brands and businesses that I probably would never had the chance to before. I have also met other bloggers that were nominated along side me and prior that I have collaborated with, which has helped grow my readership.

This year, I have been invited back as an ambassador for the Top 30 Bloggers of 2015. I’m so excited to, once again, be a part of this fantastic event that recognizes Bloggers in the Vancouver area and opens up opportunities in the future.'s Top 30 Bloggers 2015’s Top 30 Bloggers 2015

Voting for this year’s group is open until May 31st, so please go here and support these fantastic ladies!

Alana Pace, Parenting From the Heart

Alisha Enid, Alisha Enid

Alison Tedford, Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops

Angela Robertson, Rock ‘n Rattle

Bethany Schiedel, Images by Bethany

Bonnie Way, Koala Bear Writer

Codi Lynn, Creative Wife + Joyful Worker

Connie Peters, Modern Mama

Danielle Ciavarro, Smelly Danielly

Delza Hoeberg, Wildly Mine

Janna Denton-Howes of Growing Marriage

Jacqueline and Juliana, Two Fun Moms

Janette Shearer, Vancity Mommy D

Joelle Walker, Kid Hangover

Karen Barre, Spill it Mom

Karen Owen, Karen Mom of Three’s Craft Blog

Kate Muker, Kate Muker

Krista Ewert, One Beautiful Life

Kristyl Clark, Valley Mom

Lyndsay Sung, Coco Cake Land

Margery Healey, The Compassionate Parent Coach

Mary Kastle, Wizard Wear and Mary Kastle

Michaela Evanow, Micheala Evanow

Nina Gonzalez, Nina on the Moon

Scarlett Ballantyne, Pretty Pinteresting

Shelli Nishino-Fayle, How’s it Going Eh?

Sherri Brown, Project Bearings

Stephanie Small, Meet The Smallsens

Tara Jensen, BC Mom

Tracey Kofoed, My House of Giggles

On June 17th, these lovely ladies will be honoured at the FRESH celebration, located at Nicole Bridger’s new Gastown location.

Nicole Bridger


Thank you to the sponsors supporting this year’s event:

Happy Cheeks


Float House


Nitka Lake Lodge

DBOX Storage

Fawn Design

Bright Photography Tot 2 Teen Dental

Lou Lou Lollipop Dream Designs


FIVE: #VMTop30 Gala

Earlier this month, I was honoured to have been nominated as one of Vancouver Mom’s Top 30 Mom Bloggers.

It was such an unexpected feat to be recognized as, first of all, a Blogger, but one of the Top 30 Mom Bloggers in Vancouver. A year ago, I would never have imagined being in this place.

Alas, I did not manage to get the coveted top spot, but I was in the top 10. AMAZING!

Congratulations Tamara Goyette!

Congratulations Tamara Goyette!

This amazing group of ladies were celebrated at the Jacqueline Conoir studio in Vancouver where we were delighted by a fashion show modelled by some of the Top 30 Mom Bloggers alumni.


Seriously gorgeous clothing modelled by equally gorgeous ladies!

We were treated to some bubbly and chocolates from Chocolate Arts, and sparkly glitter tattoos, courtesy of Par-T-Perfect.

The lovely Bethany from Images by Bethany, was taking head shots for the attendees and the talented Vairdy from Vairdy Photography was snapping up a storm for the ladies as they donned props at the photo booth. Both of these ladies do such gorgeous work, I can’t recommend them enough. Please check out their work, you will not be disappointed.

Bethany and Vairdy.

Bethany and Vairdy.

I had such a fantastic evening finally meeting and networking with gals who, up until this point, were only virtual friends. It would be so lovely to collaborate with them on projects in the future.

If you have ever contemplated starting up a blog, I say, “Why not?”. Maybe next year we’ll be honouring you and celebrating your work. The world is your oyster.

Thank you to Ashlee at Revive Hair & Body Lounge, for doing my hair and make-up for the evening. And to  Crisp Media and Vancouver Mom for putting together such a fabulous event and for recognizing such talented Mom Bloggers throughout the Lower Mainland.

Photo credit: Vairdy Photography

Photo credit: Vairdy Photography

I never thought I’d amount to much…now look what I’ve gone and done! #YMCCommunity #VancouverMomTop30

Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger 2014

Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger 2014

Last Fall I decided that I was going to try out this whole “blogging” thing. I had started my Facebook Page back in November 2010, where I shared links to websites, contests, funny pictures and posts, local events, recalls and pretty much anything that I found relivent to being a parent or caregiver.

I originally thought, “There’s no way that I can do this! I’m a blurber, not a blogger. I can usually spout off a sentence or two, but not an entire blog post.”

Well, one day I sat down and a whole pile-o-drivel came spilling out and alas, Raincity Parent the blog was born.

I have two kids under 5 running around under my feet, needing my constant attention, pulling me this way and that, and essentially draining every ounce of energy from my body on a daily basis.

I regularly send emails to myself with post ideas because when I finally get a chance to sit down and type one out, 9 times out of 10, I’ve completely forgotten what it was.

Some days, when I’m reading our daughter her bedtime story, I find myself dozing off. This is usually when I say to myself, “I’m going to bed early tonight!”



Never happens though.

After she’s tucked in, I throw on my runners (as long as hubby isn’t away for work) and go for an hour run to get in the “me time” that I’ve earned that day. Upon my return, a shower, a glass of wine (if I’m lucky to have some in the house) and hopefully my mind is still capable of conjuring up a little something something to share via the blog.

I have days or weeks where the ideas lay dormant, but eventually they surface and “Bazinga!” off we go. Thank goodness for the scheduler, because there are some definite dry spells followed by a tsunami of thoughts.

Well, guess what

I’ve been nominated as one of Vancouver Mom’s Top 30 Mom Bloggers for 2014!
Little ole me, who didn’t have much to say, has done something I never imagined I’d ever do.

It just goes to show that if you put your mind to something, good things can happen to you!

From now until June 6th, 2014, you can vote for your favourite Mom Blogger from the Vancouver area. I’m in the company of some fabulous bloggy Moms and a few of them, I even call my friends.

Good luck to all the competitors, but really…in the end we’re all winners just being nominated!

The competition!

The competition!